Fire Damages Buildings and Feed Supplies at Reptile Gardens

Last night a fire occurred at an outbuilding in the Westman reptile gardens that housed a live breeding operation for feed for reptiles not only at the gardens but this business supplies a lot of pet stores that also supply feed. With the help of fire departments and two local colonies, the fire was contained and controlled to not spread to neighbouring buildings which house some of the most spectacular displays of reptiles in Canada.

This is a family-operated business and a born and raised Brandon area family. While insurance will cover the buildings there was no coverage for the breeding/feed portion. A go fund me page has been set up to help cover the cost of having to source feed for the reptiles, replace the horse feed that was lost in the fire and help replace some breeding stock so he won’t have to keep buying feed.

These are tough times for everyone let alone having a tragedy. A challenge to fellow business owners was put up by Boot Hill Wedding & Event Venue. They challenge fellow business owners to consider donating as well as their friends.

Many hands make light work. Please consider sharing. Link to go fund me

Source: Boot Hill Wedding and Event Venue