The Jackpot Continues to Climb

Everybody loves a 50/50 draw but it’s even better when it includes an opportunity to help out a great local charity, and possibly win lots of cash!! The traditional winner takes half concept is still in play but this time around the Brandon and District United Way have decided to run a virtual version of their 2021 50/50 promo according to CEO Cynamon Mycasiw, “This is the first year that we have done a virtual 50/50. In a new societal environment, we needed to come up with a digital fundraiser to replace some of the revenue lost by canceling events.”

As of today (Friday, January 29, 2021) the pot is sitting just over $4,000. Mycasiw says people who’d like to not only help out but also give themselves a chance to win a significant amount of money can get their tickets two ways, “People can get their tickets electronically via our website If folks would rather not donate online, they are welcome to stop by our office with cash and we will facilitate a ticket purchase.” The Brandon and District United Way offices are located on the second floor of the Scotia Towers building at 1011 Rosser Avenue.

Since the pandemic hit and the provincial and federal regulations were established, it’s made for a difficult situation for charitable organizations, “It has been a tough campaign. With so many businesses being closed, employees laid off, cut back or furloughed it is a very tough fundraising environment,” said Mycasiw. There is however a positive side to this somewhat dire situation, “As always, those who can in Brandon, do, and we are getting closer to where we need to be to ensure our agencies get funding this year.” The United Way funds 29 agencies in Brandon and within the Westman area and according to Mycasiw they are approximately $75K short of what they need.

The “Show Your Love 50/50” will generate income that will go directly to those agencies, which in turn may help your neighbors, your family & friends, and your community at large. Get your tickets now. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, at 9 a.m. on February 12, 2021. One winner will be drawn to split the pot. Your community wins… YOU win! It’s a sweetheart of an opportunity.

The Brandon and District United Way’s Show Your Love 50/50. Ticket sales close on Friday, February 12. Get your tickets online via this link.