The Spark – Web Radio That Rocks is excited to announce Tim Black has joined our team!       We’re confident our regular listeners will join in our excitement!

Tim grew up in Victoria, BC, which is where his love for radio began. His father worked as a salesperson at the heritage station, CFAX, and this early exposure created a passion for all aspects of radio. This passion for the radio has endured with Tim.

As the first visually impaired student in the Victoria public school system, Tim and his family broke barriers in the education system, leading the way for future students with disabilities. He started a lunchtime request show in Junior High, broadcasting over the PA system. As Tim prepared to pursue broadcasting as a career, he started to apply to post-secondary institutions and was told that he would never succeed in radio with his disability.

Ever the determined one, Tim pursued relationships with the radio announcers in Victoria. The connections he made helped him land his first job in Duncan, BC, as the Sunday morning announcer.

He commuted every weekend to Duncan by bus and stayed with family friends to get his foot in the door of the radio community. This led to an opportunity to become the board operator and producer at CJVI in Victoria and earn his first on-air shift.

Tim pursued his craft at The Q in Victoria, learning a new format. He eventually returned to CJVI, where he learned music scheduling and promotions. Tim was part of the launch of The Ocean, attaining his first full-time job in radio.


The next-door opened when Tim was offered the morning show in Courtney, BC, where he was also the music director for the adult contemporary station and their family of Country stations.

This was the beginning of Tim’s study and passion for the country music format, leading him to become a well-respected voice in the Canadian Country radio industry.

Ontario Here We Come!

Tim’s next adventure led to Ontario, where he was part of the launch of a new Country station. He took on the role of morning show host and eventually, Program and Promotions Director.

He was later pursued for the new country station in Brandon, MB, (101.1 FM The Farm) where he also became a voice for external markets, including Regina and Pembroke. As the group music director for five Country stations, from British Columbia to Ontario, Tim supported new music directors in Music Master and Wide Orbit skills. As the Program Director, Tim worked with new announcers to build their voice skills and their personal brands.

30 Years in the Industry

With 30 years in the industry, Tim’s passion is in building the station brand, helping young talent reach their goals, and helping seasoned talent continue to learn. He loves music in all genres, with a specialty in country radio. He believes that any station, no matter how small, can sound like a big market station, while still maintaining its local flavor and feel.

Along with his passion for the radio industry, Tim is a dedicated husband and father of two, as well as two furry kids. He enjoys spending time with his kids, coffee dates with his wife, and spending nights as a family watching movies and eating popcorn. Throughout Tim’s radio career, he has been supported by his family through the moves and transitions.

His passion for radio extended to his kids, with many nights spent listening to new music and discussing formats. Tim’s love for radio and music goes beyond simply being a career, radio is Tim’s lifestyle, a fact that anyone in his family can attest to. Tim takes this passion into all his work in the radio industry and believes that it can be extended into any station and any format.

While he’s mainly been involved with country stations during his career in media, Tim has done plenty of fill-in shifts and or short stints on rock radio stations and he’s ready to rock your mid-day here on the Spark! His first show is Monday, January 11th. Please join us in welcoming him to team Spark! Take some time out to drop him a message via our Facebook page or email