According to doctors in Manitoba, the backlog in surgical and diagnostic procedures has grown to 110,000 because of COVID-19.

According to a report from Doctors Manitoba, the backlog includes more than 39,000 surgeries, 44,000 diagnostic imaging tests and 32,000 other procedures, such as mammograms and endoscopies.

Because of the pandemic, hospital staff has been redeployed and some medical procedures were postponed to free up capacity.

As of this moment there are 142 Manitoba patients in intensive care units, including 122 patients in local ICUs receiving both COVID and non-COVID care, as well as 20 COVID patients receiving care in other provinces.

The normal pre-pandemic ICU capacity in Manitoba was 72.

The Doctors say they have decreased referrals for surgery by 11 per cent during the pandemic.

Among the most concerning impacts are delays of cardiac and cancer surgeries with at least two patients having died waiting for heart surgery, according to a report from Doctors Manitoba.

The Canadian Institute of Health Information has said that during the first wave of the pandemic, cardiac surgeries decreased by 16 per cent and cancer surgeries decreased by nine per cent.

Wait times for all procedures have also more than doubled on average.