Westman Radio veteran Frank “Shotgun” McGwire helps start your day with fantastic tunes, interesting info, and some light conversation covering current events.
Catch Spark Mornings With Shotgun weekday mornings from 7 – 9 a.m.


25+ year radio veteran Tim Black hosts the Spark’s Afternoon show. Along with a superb classic rock music mix, Tim peppers in some light bright conversation. He’s the perfect mix of topical, informational and comical.

Most listeners will recall Tim from his many years of hosting the morning show on 101.1 FM The Farm in Brandon. Tune in weekdays, 2 – 5 p.m.

Just a Minute for Sport with Manitoba Sports Legend Peter Young. Peter shares his sharp opinion on a variety of hot topics from the sports world. Tune in for this exclusive Spark feature Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:50 a.m., 11:50 a.m., and 4:50 p.m.

Paul Devo invites you to jump into his virtual DeLorean for a cruise back to the 80s! Paul rips through two hours of some of the best music from one of the best decades of music. Listen for theme sets such as “Best 80s Soundtrack Tunes” and more. Paul even keeps you updated on what classic 80s artists are up to nowadays!!
Listen for Excellence of the 80s

Saturday nights at 8 pm
Replays Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm
exclusively on the Spark.


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Mission Statement

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This has been a long time coming. During my 30 years in radio hosting various shows on multiple formats (Country, AC, Classic Rock, CHR and AOR) and in multiple day parts (Mornings, afternoons, mid days, evenings and overnights) I’ve often thought what it would be like to own and run my very own radio station. The downtime I was afforded during the COVID-19 lockdown allowed me to create what you’ve decided to click on here. It’s a good feeling to know I created something positive during these uncertain times.

I can say first hand that something like this is a huge undertaking with many key components to have in place and many intangibles to face and have solutions for. For the past two months I’ve been hard at work creating The Spark “Web Radio That Rocks.” Plenty of work has gone into developing song categories, programming tempo mix codes, and continuously smoothing out the flow of the music mix. The Spark’s music format is a hybrid of AOR and classic rock hits. Our target demo is 35 – 65+ adults.

What will set The Spark apart from other classic rock stations is our variety. Most classic rock stations have homogenized sounding playlists typically playing 400 – 500 songs. The Spark will feature up to 5000 in its music mix. The separation of familiar classics to depth album cuts will be 75% – 25%.

The fact that we will also feature local artists will create a bigger buzz and add to its overall relevance. We will also eventually be running ads for local businesses.

Spoken word content on this website and the Spark Web Radio player will consist of local happenings and events. We will also cover the gamut of music and entertainment news from the local to the national scenes.

If you like what you hear please feel free to share the link! It can be paired with most any wi-fi capable external speakers as well as vehicles that have the smart phone pairing feature.

Take care, stay healthy and be happy! Please remember to put a little Spark in your life!


Frank McGwire