Coming Soon! Movies at The Shamrock Drive-In!!

A former draw for the public in Killarney is once again opening back up during July Long Weekend. The Shamrock Drive-In will be reopening during the Canada Day weekend with a brand-new screen.


According to their social media platforms, the owners put up three shipping containers built upon each other and painted white on one side to create a screen. (pictured below) Each container is 9,000 pounds each and has survived big storms around the area since they have been put up. The total height of the screen is approximately 29 feet.

(Some of the staff and supporters of the Shamrock Drive-In pause for a photo in front of the new screen. They’re currently going over options to fill the spaces between the containers. The new makeshift screen is replacing the original screen which was up since 1953 but was wrecked after two storms in 2015.)


The idea for the reopening of the drive-in was brought up after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when the idea of drive-ins was more popular since it was a good way for people to watch movies in a socially distanced way.


The owners say the parking area will be able to support plenty of vehicles and the concession stand in the middle of the yard will operate using whatever health regulations are in place at the time.


As the companies that provide the movies take most of the ticket revenue, the owners of the Shamrock Drive-In say the best way visitors can show their support is to purchase their popcorn, drinks, and other food items at the concession stand. Their prices are fair and they’ll provide a good selection of items.


Although some of the old Drive-In style speakers remain in the first few rows, visitors to the newly revitalized Shamrock Drive-Inn can enjoy their moving viewing experience with clear FM sound.


The first movie to hit the new makeshift screen is yet to be determined. They are happy to receive your suggestions via their Facebook page which you can visit here