Rider Express Winnipeg To Regina Route Ready To Roll

Charter Bus travel is set to return this month. Rider Express based in Regina is ready to roll again with COVID regulations in place to assure its passenger’s safety. Their Winnipeg to Regina route will resume on Friday, March 19th. The route will include a Brandon drop-off and pick-up location at the Petro Canada near the TransCanada highway at 1873 First Street North in Brandon. Fares differ from which stop people are traveling to and from, for example, Brandon to Regina would be $80.00 including tax. This route will run every Friday starting in Regina toward Winnipeg. Return days will be Saturdays from Winnipeg westward. You can check details of the hours etc from the Rider Express website here. Buses are designed for 50 people but due to covid only 28 passengers will be allowed and everyone is required to wear a mask during each trip. Only service animals with IDs are allowed on Rider Express Charter Buses. Government picture IDs will be required from passengers.


Launched in 2017, the Charter Bus service maintains its mission to provide safe, reliable, comfortable, convenient, and affordable intercity bus service, logistics, charter, and freight services. Their freight service features overnight express.



Rider Express continues into new territories. Currently running the longest distance in Western Canada among its peers in intercity bus services, new routes will be added to its existing network which will help Rider Express connect people from Vancouver all the way to Toronto and beyond. 

For more information contact Rider Express headquarters in Calgary toll-free at 1-833-583-3636.