The Province has entered into an agreement with Providence Therapeutics, to purchase a made-in Canada COVID-19 vaccine.

The Alberta-based company is developing a vaccine that would resemble the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

The company has expanded its work to help with a vaccine. It was originally tasked with developing vaccines for cancers.

The province’s contract in place says that they will buy two million doses of the vaccine, with the first 200,000 doses guaranteed to be delivered to Manitoba.

So far, the vaccine is going through clinical trials and is going through its first round of those trials. It is expected to be approved by Health Canada later this year.

Premier Brian Pallister said from the final cost (that has still not been revealed), 20 percent of its cost upfront as a down payment. Forty percent of the cost would be paid when the vaccine is approved by Health Canada. The final 40 percent of the payment will be paid when the vaccines are delivered to the province.