Photo credit: Brandon Police Services

The Independent Investigation Unit says officers didn’t break the law when a man was bitten by a police dog during his arrest in Brandon last year.

Back on October 9th, Brandon police were called to Rosser Avenue where two men were allegedly damaging cars in the parking lot.

Police say one window of a business had been broken and one of the men was spotted inside. They told the man to come out and surrender, but he refused. Officers then used a police dog to help with arresting the man, and in that time the man was bitten. He was taken to the hospital and needed 14 staples.

Investigators have determined the use of force was “controlled, measured and appropriate for the circumstances,” after they read a number of reports and policies and listened to police transmission recordings.

The injury and hospitalization met the definition of a serious injury, which resulted in having the IIU mandated to investigate.

The man who was arrested is facing charges stemming from the incident.

For more information on this case visit the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba’s website here.