(photo Courtesy: www.southernhealth.ca)

Lorne Memorial Hospital in Swan Lake

The Lorne Memorial Hospital’s emergency department will be shutting down after March 15th.

The hospital is located in Swan Lake, which is southeast of Brandon and northeast of Crystal City.

Both physicians at the small hospital are leaving after the 15th.

The future plan for the hospital is to have a nurse practitioner-led care model for medical care.

Currently, there is the recruitment of three additional nurse practitioners for the facility.

The Southern Health says nurse practitioners will be able to do many things that doctors can. They will be able to order screening tests and manage the results, perform minor surgical procedures, provide advice, give full health assessments and diagnose and treat health concerns for patients of all ages.

The closest emergency rooms are in Crystal City, Treherne, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Carman, and at the Boundary Trails Health Centre. Each one of those drives is between 20 to 50 minutes away.