Whenever Brandon residents want to check back lane maintenance they can use this handy MAP


Brandon, MB – Thanks to the Backlane Maintenance Map, Brandon residents can now keep track of construction work scheduled for the back lanes of City streets from their computer or mobile device.


This map will allow residents the ability to view maintenance work performed by the Streets & Roads Section on back lanes and gravel roads across the city for the current year. 


Types of maintenance tracked on the map includes: 

·       grading of laneways 

·       the addition of materials, such as gravel 

·       dust control prep and application 

·       drainage improvements 

·       filling potholes 


“The Public Works team is very excited about the launch of this new initiative,” notes Pam Richardson, Director of Public Works. “We will be able to provide more information to the residents of the City of Brandon, of which they have been asking.” 


The map was created in partnership with the City’s Innovation, Technology & Communications (ITC) department. ITC also created a short how-to video to showcase how the map works. The first time the map is loaded, a popup window with a help dialog and how-to video appears. Following the first visit, the help dialog and how-to video can be found by clicking the blue “?” in the top right-hand corner. 


This map can be viewed at gisapp.brandon.ca/webmaps/backlanemaintenance.


Source: City of Brandon Public Service Announcement