Cruise Nights Will Roll On Despite COVID Restrictions

For the past 15+ months, COVID-19 has been the bane for a wide variety of live events everywhere. Of those events enjoyed by the masses here in Westman is the Downtown Cruise Nights which are regularly held the first Thursday night of each month between May and October. At least two of these events have fallen victim to the pandemic and its public health measures and restrictions.

While the Brandon and Area Car Enthusiasts regret to inform the public their Downtown Cruise Nights set for May 20th and June 3rd have been cancelled, they are making alternate plans.

The current health order established to help stave off the third wave of the pandemic does not apply to an organized outdoor gathering or event which people attend in a motor vehicle if all persons remain in their motor vehicle are stay immediately outside their vehicle in a matter that ensures that they are able to maintain a separation of at least two meters from other persons attending the gathering or event who arrived in another vehicle.

B.A.C.E. (the group of classic vehicle owners including, cars, trucks, and vans), will be doing another driving cruise. Meetings have been set to work out the logistics. A date and route for the cruise will be announced soon on their Facebook page. However, the group says other shows might get cancelled or adjusted. You can visit BACE and Road Rebel Facebook pages for up-to-date information.