Manitoba’s education system will be getting a major overhaul.

A bill which is now in second reading at the Manitoba Legislature would replace the province’s English-language school divisions with 15 regional catchment areas.

Each school will have a community school council made up of parents of students at the school.

So far the new councils’ roles have not been finalized but could include assessing the effectiveness of programming at the school, analyzing student achievement and learning outcomes, and proposing capital construction projects and budgets.

The bill would also create a provincial advisory council, getting representatives from regional catchment areas that will be elected from members of the school councils. 

Principals and vice-principals would also be removed from the teachers’ union.

Education Minister Cliff Cullen has said the proposed changes are aimed at cutting administration costs and redirecting money to the classroom.

The plan includes reducing funding from education property taxes, starting in 2023.

Meanwhile, the Manitoba School Boards Association has campaigned to keep elected school boards. They say they are essential to keeping the school system connected to communities.