Ultimate Classic Rock Contributors Sound Off on Who Should & Shouldn’t Be & in

Among Other Hot Topics Regarding The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame


The inductees have been announced Todd Rundgren Foo Fighters Tina Turner, the  Go-Go’sCarole King and Jay-Zwill be enshrined in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We asked our writers to weigh in on the eclectic 2021 class.

Below, our UCR contributors discuss the surprises, exclusions, head-scratching choices and overarching reaction to the Hall’s newest honorees. The 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class will officially be inducted during a ceremony held on Oct. 30 at the Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland.

1) Who is the most surprising inductee?

Michael Gallucci None of this year’s inductees really comes as a surprise to me. In a way, all of their inductions were sorta expected. Todd Rundgren may be the biggest surprise, though – mostly because he’s been overlooked as a nominee before, and he’s made it clear he’s not a fan of the Hall of Fame. Still, as an artist, he’s among the most deserving of this year’s group.

Nick DeRiso : I assumed the Foo Fighters would be inducted. Still, when I got to their name on the list of 2021 honorees, I found myself returning to a segmentoften hosted by Susan Robinson on the original Sesame Street program. She’d display four items while a compulsively hummable tune called “One of These Things” played, in hopes of helping preschoolers develop critical-thinking skills by identifying what did not belong. “One of these things is not like the others,” they’d sing. “One of these things just doesn’t belong / Can you tell which thing is not like the others / By the time I finish my song?” If he’s being honest, even Dave Grohlcould.

Matt Wardlaw: I’m happily surprised to see Todd Rundgren on the list of inductees. Even if he doesn’t care, he’s built an incredible legacy both solo and with Utopia and as a producer. It seemed like a pretty safe bet that he was going to get skipped over again, so it’s nice to see him get the recognition.

Matthew Wilkening: I predicted the other five correctly, so I guess by default Todd Rundgren? But it’s a well-deserved and pleasant surprise. It’s also good that they honoured him even though he was openly critical of their nomination process earlier this year. That shouldn’t and obviously didn’t affect the voting process.

Corey Irwin: I’m surprised to see Carole King on the list. She’s certainly deserving, but since she was already inducted in 1990 for her songwriting achievements, I assumed voters would pass her over in favour of supporting other, not-yet-recognized artists. Pleasantly surprised to be wrong on that prediction.


2) Who is the most surprising exclusion?


Gallucci: While it’s not totally surprising, I was kinda hoping Devo would get this year’s oddball induction. They’ve been eligible and nominated in the past, and there was a pretty active fan campaign behind them this year. This year’s inductees are all pretty safe and expected – Devo would have given a little jolt of excitement to the proceedings.


DeRiso: Really, there wasn’t one. It looked,  at one point, like Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti was a shoo-in if fan votes were any indication. There were probably those who hoped the Hall of Fame would offer an olive branch to the metal genre. But, to be honest, I didn’t expect either of those things to happen. When the nominees were announced, I figured Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, Carole King and (hoping against hope) the Go-Go’s would get in – and they did.

Wardlaw: Two words: Iron Maiden. In the category of turning wrongs into rights, I thought it was a no-brainer that we’d see Maiden get their induction stripes.


Wilkening: Iron Maiden – good grief. It’s great that the Hall of Fame is broadening their horizons into other genres, but they’re still way behind in the heavy metal category. Iron Maiden aren’t quite as pioneering as last year’s egregious metal snub, Judas Priest. But both are hugely influential and should have been voted in decades ago. Also Fela Kuti was just behind Tina Turner in the fan voting – maybe that should count for more than it currently does.


Irwin: I know Iron Maiden deserve to be there, but I wasn’t surprised to see them left out. You can’t throw a theoretical middle finger at the institution and expect it to welcome you with open arms. Instead, my most surprising exclusion is Rage Against the Machine. Their resume is incredibly strong, Tom Morello is a strong presence within Hall voting circles and I genuinely believed their time had come. What more do these guys have to prove?

3) Who are you glad to see get in?


Gallucci: I’m happy to see Carole King being inducted for her solo work. She was previously, and deservedly, inducted for her songwriting contributions along with former husband Gerry Goffin. But that earlier honor really didn’t take in her recordings after those ’60s triumphs – particularly her 1971 album Tapestry, a hugely influential record on generations of singer-songwriters.


DeRiso: Specifically, Todd Rundgren. I actually didn’t dare include him in my inductee predictions, for fear of jinxing the whole thing. More generally, however, I love the idea that the Rock Hall is adding a clutch of important, long-overdue female contributors. Keep going.


Wardlaw: I’m absolutely thrilled that the Go-Go’s are being inducted. This is one that the casual music fans might scoff at, but dig into their overall story (or just watch the recent documentary) and they deserve this. It’s another great moment of validation for the group, who have long deserved to get more credit than what they have received.


Wilkening: Pretty much everybody, but the Go-Go’s in particular deserve all the awards and accolades anybody can send their way. Their contribution to rock history – both their immediate impact and their lasting legacy – is frequently and wrongly overlooked. The special “Musical Excellence Award” for Randy Rhoads is a very nice move, even if it doesn’t make up for the Maiden snub.


Irwin: Todd Rundgren has been a Rock Hall bridesmaid several times now, so it’s refreshing to see him finally get his due. His impact on rock as both an artist and producer deserves this recognition. He may not care, he may not show. But at least his name is firmly where it belongs.


4) Who shouldn’t have made the inductees list? 

Gallucci: I’m not surprised Foo Fighters made it in their first year of eligibility. Dave Grohl is one of the busiest and most likable team players around, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame needed at least one traditional rock ‘n’ roll band at the ceremony this year. But many of the other nominees really should have gotten the nod this year instead of Foo Fighters. Kate Bush, New York Dolls and Rage Against the Machine have all made way better albums and have had more influential careers than the bland Foo Fighters.

DeRiso: See No. 1.

Wardlaw: I love the Foo Fighters, but I think even Dave Grohl would have argued to put Iron Maiden in first. But seriously (okay, I’m serious about that first point), I think there are others, both from the current list of nominees (Devo, Kate Bush, Chaka Khan) and artists who aren’t already in (Warren ZevonJ. Geils Band) that should be inducted first.

Wilkening: It’s great that Foo Fighters have become the new ambassadors for rock as a whole, covering AC/DCand Queen at their concerts and generously sharing their spotlight with a wide array of fellow musicians. But it just doesn’t seem like they have enough great songs or classic albums to deserve this honor based strictly on their own work.

Irwin: Jay-Z. This has nothing to do with the long-exhausted argument of rap artists being included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (let’s all move past that, okay?). No, my reasoning here is that Jay-Z 100 percent deserves induction – but not until after some of hip-hop’s other forefathers get enshrined. A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B. and Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan and LL Cool J are some of the rap artists I’d have preferred to take this spot (though LL is getting honored with a “music excellence” award this year).


5) What are your overall thoughts on the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class? 

Gallucci: It’s a diverse lineup this year – three women artists, one hip-hop legend and, um, Foo Fighters – and really one that should keep most music fans happy. But the real significance is in the “Early Influence” inductees. Kraftwerk, Charley Patton and Gil Scott-Heron are legends within their genres; their branches of influence reached some of popular music’s greatest artists. Kraftwerk especially are a great addition, because they’ve been overlooked in the past as nominees. This consolation prize recognizes their legacy.

DeRiso: People love to hate the Hall of Fame – in particular metal fans, after Judas Priest stormed to a top five finish in fan voting last time only to get passed over. I don’t expect that to change this year since Iron Maiden got notably snubbed, but it should. After all, there appears to be some good news in the fine print for 2021: The award for musical excellence given to Randy Rhoads, who did seminal work with Quiet Riot before bursting to wider fame with the then-newly solo Ozzy Osbourne, feels like the door is finally cracking open a bit.


Wardlaw: Even with the omissions, it’s a pretty solid class. People are going to argue and debate each year no matter who goes in. Some folks think that the extra categories water things down, but I’m glad that it presents additional opportunities to honor certain artists who might get otherwise snubbed permanently due to the ongoing passage of time. Realizing that it gets harder and harder each year as more artists become eligible, I think they’re doing a good job of honoring a diverse spread of artists with each class. I’m happy to see LL Cool J on the list for “Musical Excellence” alongside Billy Preston and Randy Rhoads. It’s great to see Kraftwerk in the conversation as well. Does that mean they will perform? Hope so. Thumbs up also for Charley Patton and Gil Scott-Heron.


Wilkening: No alarms and no surprises, basically. The continued trend of diverse induction classes is a good thing. The ongoing exclusion of metal is laughable but expected. It’s also very cool that all six of the performer inductees are alive to receive the honor, and could theoretically participate in the ceremony if they wanted to.

Irwin: It might be time to reconfigure the fan vote. Two artists – Fela Kuti and Iron Maiden – were elected by the public to the top five, yet when the class of inductees was announced, both were absent. Last year, it was worse. Four of the five artists chosen for the fan ballot were left out, including top vote-getter, Dave Matthews Band. I know the Hall isn’t a popularity contest, and I certainly wouldn’t want it to become that. But the public’s voice should carry more weight. Currently, the fan ballot is only one among the thousands counted for the Hall. Should it count for 10 votes? Twenty? I don’t know, but if the fans’ opinion isn’t properly respected, interest in the Hall will wane.


Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

The Annual Blessing of the Wheels Set For This Sunday, May 16th

The following is a message shared by the Road Rebels intended for owners of classic vehicles within Westman.

This Sunday, May 16th, is our Blessing of the Wheels, this will be the 7th time the Road Rebels have held this event.

Blessing of the Wheels was initiated by Diane Fontaine as a way for the group and their vehicles to be blessed before another busy cruisin’ season. We all know how fast or unexpected something might happen on the roads and highways we travel.

Please remember a “Tin for the Bin”, this is St. George’s preferred charity. There will be someone coming around to all the vehicles to pick up donations.

If you plan on joining in on this special occasion, please be sure to adhere to ALL Provincial mandated COVID protocols, if these rules are breached it might affect future cruise events.

The rules that must be adhered to are in the pink shaded section of the photo displayed above which reads as follows:

This order does not apply to an outdoor gathering or event which persons attend in a motor vehicle if all persons remain in their motor vehicle or stay immediately outside their motor vehicle in a manner that ensures that they are able to maintain a separation of at least two metres from other persons attending the gathering or event who arrive in another vehicle.




Don’t miss out, become a Road Rebel member for $20.00/year


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Our charity is the Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre, helping families in and around Brandon for 30 years.


21 Local Charities Receive Grants Via Brandon Students and BACF

Brandon, MB. – Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) students from Crocus Plains High School, École secondaire Neelin High School, Elton Collegiate and Vincent Massey High School have distributed grants totalling $10,000 to 21 local charities.

The YIP grant presentation evening was to take place on Tuesday, May 11th, hosted by the École secondaire Neelin High School YIP students. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF) had to cancel this year’s granting evening. All grant recipients will receive their grant money via mail.

The YIP program is a BACF program designed to introduce motivated youth to philanthropy and local community development. This program gives the students a hands-on experience working as a team and with local charitable organizations to help our communities thrive.

Each September, schools form their YIP committees. Each committee receives grant monies from BACF and the United Way of Brandon & District, to grant to charities in our community. The students research non-profit organizations that meet the BACF granting criteria and learn more about them by interviewing the people who work there.

The students really get a sense of how important non-profit organizations are in our community and how important the YIP grants can be to their programs or specific projects,” states Laura Kempthorne, Executive Director of BACF “These students are incredible. They take their role of decision-making very seriously, making sure their grants will make an impact on the organizations they choose. I hope their experience with the YIP program inspires them throughout their lives.”

Over the past 17 years, YIP students have awarded $167,000.00 in grants to numerous non-profit organizations throughout Brandon and the Westman area. For a listing of 2021 YIP grant recipients visit www.bacf.ca


The Brandon Area Community Foundation was established by an Act of Incorporation in 1965 and is currently a member of the Community Foundations of Canada, the national network for community foundations in Canada.

The Foundation invests the contributions it receives in a perpetual endowment fund and uses the income earned to make grants to a wide range of charitable groups – grants that benefit our local communities in Southwestern Manitoba.

Mission Statement: Serving the communities of southwestern Manitoba by maintaining and administering a permanent endowment fund aimed at strengthening and improving the quality of life, today and into the future.

Source: BACF media release


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is asking for feedback from the business community regarding a future bylaw that will reduce single-use plastic checkout bags.

A recent country-wide survey showed that 82% of Canadians are concerned about plastic consumption and use. The City of Brandon is interested in exploring ways to reduce the waste and litter caused by single-use plastics in our community.

We are looking to hear from the business community to understand the impact your business would face with the elimination of single-use checkout bags. In addition, the City is also seeking to understand what barriers exist for consumers to use or access reusable bags.


Single Business Survey Use Checkout Bags – Business Survey

This survey will be available to fill out until May 31, 2021.

Remote Learning For K – 12 Students Begins Wednesday

After much concern from parents regarding health measures to be taken by schools in light of the rising numbers of COVID and variant strain cases, Manitoba health officials have announced K-12 schools in Brandon and Winnipeg will transition to remote learning starting Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin alongside Education Minister Cliff Cullen made the official announcement via a live stream on CBC News and CBC social media platforms.

This move is to help stem the rising numbers of covid cases during the third wave of this pandemic. Students will stay in remote learning until May 30, according to Education Minister Cliff Cullen.

For more information on the current public health orders andCOVID-19 in Manitoba, visitmanitoba.ca/covid19.



Alex Van Halen States “VH FOREVER!”

Alex Van Halen  commemorated his own 68th birthday yesterday by posting a new tribute to his recently deceased brother Eddie Van Halen.

“First birthday without you, Ed,” the founding Van Halen drummer wrote in a statement posted on VHND.com. “The view from my drum set will never be the same. VH forever! #vanhalenforever.”

It’s the second public comment Alex has made since Eddie died after a long battle with cancer in October 2020. Two days after his brother’s passing, Van Halen wrote another brief message: “Hey Ed, love you. See you on the other side.”

The Van Halen brothers founded Van Halen in 1974 alongside singer David Lee Roth and bassist Michael Anthony. Eddie and Alex were the only two members who never left the group. Anthony was replaced by Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen on bass in 2006. Roth was replaced by Sammy Hagar in 1985 and then by Gary Cherone in 1996 before rejoining the band in 2007.

Wolfgang, who will release his debut solo album Mammoth WVH next month, paid his own birthday tribute to his “badass” uncle Alex yesterday.

In a 2008 interview, Eddie Van Halen said he had  “tons” of unreleased music in the vaults at his 5150 recording studio. Speaking to Howard Stern in November 2020, Wolfgang said he knows fans are “chomping at the bit” to hear his father’s unreleased work, but insisted “that’s not the priority right now.” “I don’t want people to be sitting there with their watch,” he said. “Mark my words, there will be a time that we go through it. Just not right now.”

My dad would be pissed off at me, really,” he explained. “He’d be like, ‘What the fuck are you doing? Go do your shit. What are you doing? Don’t go through my old shit. Go do your new shit.’”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Classic Car Owners Have An Opportunity To Get Their Vehicles Appraised


Attention Classic car owners! If you’ve been wanting to have your classic ride appraised here’s your opportunity! Pat Mooney is coming to Western Manitoba to perform vehicle appraisals.


MAAC and MPI suggest you get your vehicle appraised every three years to maximize your payout if, heaven forbid, your treasured vehicle is damaged.

Pat will be at several locations later this month including:


  • Tuesday, May 25th from 1 pm – 6 pm at 4 Way Motors in MacGregor 


  • Wednesday, May 26, 1 pm – 6 pm at Tory’s Repair in Brandon


  • *** (If he gets bookings) he will go to Minnedosa and Neepawa Thursday, May 27th from noon until 2 pm in Minnedosa and 3 pm to 5 pm in Neepawa at locations to be determined by the number of appointments.


Those wanting to book an appraisal are asked to fill out an appraisal worksheet which will help in the appraisal process.


Check out Pat’s website for more details and to download a worksheet https://apraisalpro.ca/ or call pat Mooney @ 204-771-8000

The Stones Dip Into The Archives

The Rolling Stones have announced that they will be releasing their remixed, re-edited, and remastered concert film “The Rolling Stones — A Bigger Bang: Live On Copacabana Beach” on July 9th.

The film was captured during the band’s performance at the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on February 8, 2006 and will be released in various formats including DVD+2CD, SD BD+2CD, 2DVD+2CD Deluxe, 3LP (pressed on blue, yellow, and green vinyl), 3LP pressed on clear vinyl (exclusive to Sound Of Vinyl) & digital.

Lead guitarist Keith Richards had this to say about the special concert, “Not that we’re unused to playing some of the biggest shows in the world, but I must say Rio did take the cake.”

Mercury Studios has also announced that they will be releasing a digital EP on May 28th that will include 4-songs from the show, “Sympathy For The Devil”, “Wild Horses”, “You Got Me Rocking”, and “Happy”, along with “Rough Justice” from the 2005 Salt Lake City concert video available in the Deluxe Edition.

Watch the trailer and see the tracklisting below:

1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
2. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Oh No, Not You Again
6. Wild Horses
7. Rain Fall Down
8. Midnight Rambler
9. Night Time Is the Right Time
10. This Place Is Empty
11. Happy
12. Miss You
13. Rough Justice
14. Get Off My Cloud
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Sympathy For The Devil
17. Start Me Up
18. Brown Sugar
19. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
20. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

SALT LAKE CITY (Bonus show – deluxe versions only)
1. Start Me Up
2. You Got Me Rocking
3. She’s So Cold
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Rain Fall Down
6. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (but I Like It)
7. Wild Horses
8. All Down the Line
9. Night Time Is the Right Time
10. Slipping Away
11. Infamy
12. Miss You
13. Rough Justice
14. Get Off of My Cloud
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Sympathy for the Devil
17. Brown Sugar
18. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
19. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
20. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction


Check out the trailer here:

COVID Cases in Manitoba Near 500 For Second Day in a Row

The total number of COVID cases recorded within Manitoba hovers around 500 for a second straight day. Earlier this morning health officials reported 488 new cases putting the test positivity rate up to 10.5% in the keystone province. There were three more covid related deaths reported including a female in her 20s from the Winnipeg health region, a male in his 70s from the Winnipeg health region, linked to the B.1.1.7 variant of concern, and a male in his 80s from the Prairie Mountain Health region, linked to the B.1.1.7 variant of concern. The total number of COVID-related deaths recorded in Manitoba is now 990.


Breakdown among regions:

30 new cases in the Prairie Mountain Health region (402 active cases in PMH) (101 active cases in Brandon)

43 new cases in Southern Health-Sante Sud

389 new cases in the Winnipeg region

17 new cases Interlake – Eastern

9 new cases Northern

3237 active Covid19 cases

37,198 individuals have recovered from COVID-19

139 in hospital 44 in ICU (Active Covid & Variant cases)

200 in hospital 54 in ICU (Recovered from Covid or Variant, but still need care)

41,425 total Covid cases



272 new variant cases

1345 active variant cases

3665 total variant cases to date

2080 cases are B.1.1.7 variant

23 cases are B.1.351 variant

20 cases are P1

1542 cases are uncategorized variants

18 total deaths from variants – (condolences to family & friends)

Data on variants of concern is updated from Tuesday to Saturday at:


 Source: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/updates/index.html 



May 8, 2021 




Brandon, MB – Based on the recent public health orders, the following changes will be in effect as of Sunday, May 9th, 2021, at 12:01 a.m.: 


·       The Brandon Community Sportsplex will be closed. 

  • City of Brandon Parks will have a reduced capacity to group sizes of five (5) persons.  
    Signage will be updated on Monday to reflect the new health orders. 

·       Bookings for the use of City of Brandon sports fields may be cancelled, depending on group sizes. 


Sportsplex track will remain open for individual use, and for group use with a maximum of 5 persons. 


Questions about any outdoor sports field bookings should be directed to 204-729-2148 or parks@brandon.ca. 


Questions about cancelled programming, payment refunds or customer account credits should be directed to 204-729-2471 or sportsplex@brandon.ca. 



·       A.R. McDiarmid  Civic Complex (638 Princess Avenue)  

·       Brandon Municipal Airport (405 Agnew Drive)  

·       Brandon Police Service (1020 Victoria Avenue)  

·       Brandon Transit (21 – 8th Street)  

·       City Hall (410 – 9th Street)  

·       Civic Services Complex (900 Richmond Avenue East) 

·       Eastview Landfill (765 – 33rd Street East)  

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.; Saturday & Statutory Holidays 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.; Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. 

·       Eastview Landfill Administration Building (765 – 33rd Street East)  – Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

·       Fire Hall No. 1 (120 – 19th Street North) 



·       Brandon Cemetery Administration Building (1901 – 18th Street)  

·       Brandon Youth Centre (638 Princess Avenue) 

·       Municipal Water Treatment Plant (108 – 26th Street North)  

·       Parks Complex (2020 McGregor Avenue) 


For a list of all City services, please visit brandon.ca/doing-business-with-us. 


Any member of the public that is feeling unwell or are exhibiting ANY COVID-19-related health symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat) SHOULD NOT attend to any City of Brandon facility and should, instead, visit sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool or contact Health Links at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257 for advice. City of Brandon staff are also expected to adhere to these Shared Health guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. 


Brian Johnson and Dave Grohl Team up For Upcoming Special

AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson joined Foo Fighters onstage last night for a spirited rendition of “Back in Black.”

The rock ‘n’ roll titans teamed up at Global Citizen’s “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World” at Inglewood, Calif.’s SoFi Stadium. The purpose of the star-studded event is to “[call] on world leaders to step up to make sure vaccines are accessible for all so we can end the pandemic for everyone, everywhere,” according to the Global Citizen website.

Vax Live: the Concert to Reunite the World will air at 8 PM ET on May 8 on YouTube, ABC, ABC News Live, CBS, AXS TV, iHeartMedia radio stations and the iHeartRadio app. It will air again at 11 PM ET on Fox. Selena Gomez will host the special, which also features performances from Eddie Vedder, Jennifer Lopez, J Balvin and H.E.R. Ben Affleck, Chrissy Teigen Jimmy Kimmel and other celebrities will also make appearances.

Impatient AC/DC and Foo Fighters fans are in luck, as one Vax Live attendee uploaded a 40-second snippet of their hard-rocking joint performance to YouTube. You can watch the clip below.

Grohl has not been shy about his love of AC/DC in the past. In 2017, Foo Fighters covered the Bon Scott-era classic “Let There Be Rock” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. In 2018, Grohl told Forbes that his “dream person” to play drums for was “AC/DC. That’s my last one, that’s it. Phil Rudd is back, though. If you dive back into their back catalogue, that early shit, there was a little bit more dynamic, then they settled into the groove. That’s the thing. And it’s because of Phil Rudd. It’s AC/DC, but that guy holds the key.”

The legendarily prolific Grohl has kept plenty busy collaborating with his musical heroes. Last month, he teamed up with Mick Jagger for the singer’s new solo track “Eazy Sleazy,” a tongue-in-cheek rager about the anxieties of life in the time of coronavirus.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Read More: Brian Johnson Teams Up With Foo Fighters on Upcoming Special 

Pink Floyd’s Touring Museum Exhibit to Hit U.S This Year

Pink Floyd ‘s official touring exhibition, Their Mortal Remains, will set up shop in the U.S for the first time this summer. Four years after its debut at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the exhibit will open at the Vogue Multicultural Museum in Los Angeles on Aug. 3 and remain there until Nov. 28.


“I feel very proud to have the opportunity to introduce a new era of cultural exhibitions for the city of Los Angeles, especially with the timeless and legendary Pink Floyd, a band so inspirational to myself and millions of fans all around the world for generations,” L.A. event promotor Diego Gonzalez said in a statement. “This exhibition will be a really exciting opportunity for people to come together to experience music, culture, design and innovation, all principles that Pink Floyd represents in their music. I couldn’t imagine a better exhibition to inaugurate the Vogue Multicultural Museum in Hollywood.”

A joint effort between the members of the band – notably drummer  Nick Mason, who served as exhibition consultant for the project – and curator Aubrey “Po” Powell, Their Mortal Remains will offer visitors an immersive, audio-visual experience beginning from the band’s early days in London.


The exhibit features hundreds of artifacts collected over the course of Pink Floyd’s career, including handwritten lyrics, instruments, original artwork, rarely seen footage and stage props. It guides fans chronologically through the band’s journey from underground art students to one of the world’s biggest rock groups using the music and voices of both past and present members, including Mason, Syd BarrettRoger Waters, Richard Wright and David Gilmour.

Tickets for the exhibition are available now.


Cause of Death Still Unknown

Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen has reportedly died at age 59. Known to ’80s rock fans as the star of Whitesnake videos and Ratt album covers, she also acted in movies such as Bachelor Party and Witchboard.

According to TMZ, Kitean died Friday night in Newport Beach, Calif. A cause of death has yet to be determined.


Kitaen met and started dating Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby while the pair were still in high school in San Diego, and later served as the cover model for the band’s 1983 debut self-titled EP and their 1984 debut studio album, Out of the Cellar.

“We were like, first lovers,” Crosby, who died in 2002, said of their relationship in a television interview withAmerican Journal. “It was peaches and cream for a long time, you know, she’s a lovely girl, obviously.”

I lived with him,” Kitean said in a podcast episode of Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. “We moved in together when we were 15 and a half, 16 years old. So I had orange Marshall stacks in my bedroom and we were living with the bass player. The band that he was in was called Phenomenon. That was the band that he was in before he went up to Los Angeles. Yeah, I cut all of the guys’ hair in the band [laughs], I was the hair stylist, I was the, you know, ‘This is what you are going to wear.’”

Kitean also appeared in various music videos for Whitesnake, including “Here I Go Again“, “Still of the Night”, “Is This Love” and “The Deeper the Love.” In 1989, she married lead singer David Coverdale but the pair divorced in 1991.

Claudia Schiffer was supposed to be ‘the Whitesnake woman,’ when she was the Guess Jeans girl,” Coverdale said to Heavy Consequenceremembering the original plans for the “Here I Go Again” video, “But that fell apart near the actual shoot. And I was taking Tawny out for dinner, when (video director) Marty Callner called me, and said, ‘You have to stop by, we have problems.’ We went to his house on the way to dinner, he opened the door, his jaw hit the floor — as you know, Tawny was an absolute beauty — and he said, ‘That’s her! She’s the Whitesnake woman!’ And I said, ‘Marty, this is a friend of mine. She’s an actress.’ And she said, ‘No David, I’m happy to do it!’”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Paul McCartney honoured with his own series of British Royal Mail stamps


The 12-stamp collection, featuring eight album covers and four in-studio shots, will be released on May 28 and can be seen below.

Paul McCartney remains a vital figure at the center of rock and pop, an artist whose legacy is immense but whose work continues to generate popular attention and critical acclaim,” Royal Mail’s David Gold declared in a statement announcing the series.

The eight album covers featured in the series include McCartney’s self-titled 1970 debut, 1971’s Ram, 1975’s Venus and Mars, 1980’s McCartney II, 1982’s Tug of War, 1997’s Flaming Pie, 2018’s Egypt Station and last year’s McCartney III. The four in-studio shots find the former  Beatles star working on the McCartneyRamMcCartney II and Flaming Pie albums.

In 2017, David Bowiebecame the first solo artist to be celebrated with aseries of stamps from the official British postal service, followed in 2019 by  Elton John. Pink Floyd was the subject of a 10-stamp set in 2016; Queen got a 13-stamp set last year.

The Paul McCartney Royal Mail stamps can be pre-ordered now alongside a wide variety of related merchandise from the online Royal Mail store.

Last month, McCartney released McCartney III Imagined, which featured artists such as Damon Albarn and Josh Homme reinterpreting songs from McCartney III. The Beatles: Get Back, Peter Jackson’s long-awaited documentary about the band’s 1969 Get Back sessions, is set to be released this August.

Read More: Paul McCartney’s Solo Career Honored With Royal Mail Stamp Set


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OZZY OSBOURNE Has Recorded 15 Songs For Next Studio Album

Ozzy Osbourne has confirmed to U.K.’sMetal Hammer magazine that he has spent the last few months working on the follow-up to 2020’s “Ordinary Man” album with producer Andrew Watt.

“I’ve done 15 tracks,” he said. “It’s kept me alive, you know. These past two years, I’ve been in a terrible fucking state between the accident [Ozzy seriously injured himself after falling at home in 2019] and then the pandemic. It’s kept me sane; I’ve needed the music.”

Osbourne went on to say that the as-yet-untitled album is nearing completion.

“I struggle a bit, but slowly but surely we’re getting there,” he said. “My only concern right now is finishing the bloody thing. We’ve got the same production time as the last time, so there’s definitely going to be some similarities. But you’ll just have to wait and see what you think.”

In December, Watt told Guitar World that he and the BLACK SABBATH legend were “halfway through” the new LP. “There are some songs on there that are like eight or nine minutes long that are these really crazy journeys. I’m really excited about it,” he said.

Like “Ordinary Man”, which featured Watt on guitar, Duff McKagan (GUNS N’ ROSES) on bass and Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) on drums, Ozzy‘s next album will feature guest appearances by a number of notable musicians.

“There’s a bunch of people involved,” Andrew told Guitar World. “I can’t say for sure until the end, but I started doing a bunch of basic tracks with Chad and Robert Trujillo [METALLICA], who used to play in Ozzy‘s band. And Taylor Hawkins [FOO FIGHTERS] also came in and played a bunch on the record as well, which adds a different flair — it kind of harkened back to Ozzy‘s ’80s era, in a great way. And I think it’s so cool for a rock fan to be able to listen to half an album with Chad Smith on drums, and then you flip it over and you get to hear Taylor Hawkins. And you know, the last album was really special for everyone involved. And so there was no point in Ozzy or me doing this again unless we thought we could bring something new to the table. And I feel like we’re achieving that.”

Last July, Ozzy said that he was still “not back to 100 percent” after suffering from several medical issues last year, including a fall, neck surgery and hospitalization for the flu. Ozzy also said that he was looking forward to performing again once he has regained his health and the coronavirus pandemic has subsided. The BLACK SABBATH singer had previously cancelled all his 2019 tour plans, and the rescheduled 2020 shows were also scrapped.

In May 2020, Ozzy‘s son Jack said that his father will “probably” retire “within the next five to ten years.” But Ozzy, who turned 72 in December, has repeatedly said that he is not calling it quits, despite the fact that his “No More Tours 2” — whenever it ends up happening — is being billed as his last major global trek.

Ozzy was also forced to cancel an April 2020 trip to Switzerland to see a doctor who specializes in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The singer revealed early last year that he was diagnosed with the condition.

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KISS Launches New Archival Live Series With ‘Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001’

On June 11, rock legends KISS will launch their new official live bootleg series “KISS – Off The Soundboard”, with “Tokyo 2001”, recorded by the band at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on March 13, 2001. This marks the first in a series of upcoming live releases through UMe and will be available as a 3-LP standard black vinyl set, a 2-CD set, digital downloads and available to stream. “Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001” will also be available as an exclusive 3-LP set pressed on crystal clear vinyl with bone swirl via the official KISS online store. All configurations can be pre-ordered here.

Tokyo has always held a special place of importance throughout the KISStory of the band and “Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001” captures KISS giving the packed 55,000-seat venue the quintessential KISS live experience, direct from the soundboard with such classic anthems as “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”“Heaven’s On Fire”“Rock And Roll All Nite” and the #7 1976 Billboard hit “Detroit Rock City”, as well as rarities such as “I Still Love You” from 1982’s “Creatures Of The Night”. The 21-track concert is a celebration of the band’s musical legacy and features co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, with Ace Frehley on guitar and Eric Singer on drums.

KISS is globally recognized as one of the greatest live bands of all time and is the creator of what is universally considered the best live album ever, 1975’s gold-certified and No. 9 Billboard charting “Alive!” “KISS – Off The Soundboard” continues their storied legacy of groundbreaking live albums with a document of the spectacular, larger-than-life extravaganza that is a KISS concert.

Known for their trademark larger-than-life blistering performances, KISS has proven for decades why they are hands down the most iconic live show in rock and roll. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide have said this tour is devoted to the millions of KISS Army fans.

KISS “Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001” (2CD) track listing:


01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. Talk To Me
05. I Love It Loud
06. Firehouse
07. Do You Love Me
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Heaven’s On Fire
10. Let Me Go Rock & Roll
11. Shock Me / Guitar Solo
12. Psycho Circus


01. Lick It Up / Bass Solo
02. God Of Thunder / Drum Solo
03. Cold Gin
04. 100,000 Years
05. Love Gun
06. I Still Love You
07. Black Diamond
08. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
09. Rock And Roll All Nite


LP1, Side A

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. Talk To Me

LP1, Side B

01. I Love It Loud
02. Firehouse
03. Do You Love Me
04. Calling Dr. Love
05. Heaven’s On Fire

LP2, Side A

01. Let Me Go Rock & Roll
02. Shock Me / Guitar Solo

LP2, Side B

01. Psycho Circus
02. Lick It Up / Bass Solo
03. God Of Thunder / Drum Solo

LP3, Side A

01. Cold Gin
02. 100,000 Years
03. Love Gun

LP3, Side B

01. I Still Love You
02. Black Diamond
03. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
04. Rock And Roll All Nite


Digital track listing

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. Talk To Me
05. I Love It Loud
06. Firehouse
07. Do You Love Me
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Heaven’s On Fire
10. Let Me Go Rock & Roll
11. Shock Me / Guitar Solo
12. Psycho Circus
13. Lick It Up / Bass Solo
14. God Of Thunder / Drum Solo
15. Cold Gin
16. 100,000 Years
17. Love Gun
18. I Still Love You
19. Black Diamond
20. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
21. Rock And Roll All Nite

Source: Classic Rock Forums

The veteran rock act also has an extensive tour for 2021

Spencer Kaufman


Down-and-dirty rockers Buckcherry have announced a new album, Hellbound. In advance of the LP’s June 25th release, the band has unleashed a music video for the first single “So Hott”.

Hellbound marks Buckcherry’s ninth studio album overall, and follow-up to 2019’s Warpaint. The album was produced and co-written by notable songwriter Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe), who previously co-wrote Buckcherry’s crossover smash “Sorry” and produced their 2008 album, Black Butterfly.

Despite its exact same spelling, “So Hott” is an original song and not a cover of Kid Rock’s 2007 single of the same name. The tune features singer Josh Todd and company delivering their signature brand of sexually charged hard rock.

Along with the new album announcement and music video, Buckcherry have mapped out an extensive 2021 tour, with hopes that it will be all systems go by early June. The massive North American trek runs from June 1st through November 10th.

Buckcherry’s Hellbound album is available for pre-order through the band’s merch store or  Amazon, while the video for “So Hott”, the album cover, the tracklist, and the band’s expansive tour itinerary can be seen below. Tickets for Buckcherry’s shows can be purchased here.

Hellbound Artwork:

Hellbound Tracklist:
01. 54321
02. So Hott
03. Hellbound
04. Gun
05. No More Lies
06. Here I Come
07. Junk
08. Wasting No More Time
09. The Way
10. Barricade

Buckcherry 2021 North American Tour Dates:
06/01 — Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre
06/02 — Wichita, KS @ Cotillion
06/04 — Kearney, NE @ Joe’s Honkey Tonk
06/05 — Denver, CO @ The Venue
06/06 — Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios
06/08 — Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre
06/10 — Minot, ND @ The Original Bar and Grill
06/11 — Scottsbluff, NE @ Shots Bar and Grill
06/12 — Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom
06/13 — St Louis, MO @ Pops
06/15 — Cedar Park, TX @ Haute Spot
06/16 — San Antonio, TX @ Rock Box
06/18 — Corpus Christi, TX @ Brewster’s
06/19 — Ft Worth, TX @ Rail Club
06/20 — Tyler, TX @ Country River Club
06/25 — Texarkana, AR @ Crossties
06/26 — Houston, TX @ Outdoor Warehouse Live
06/28 — Ft Smith, AR @ Temple Live
06/29 — Huntsville, AL @ Shagnasty’s
07/01 — Kansasville, WI @ 1175
07/02 — Evansville, IN — KC’s Marina Point
07/03 — Hannibal, MO @ National Tom Sawyer Day
07/05 — Lancaster, NY @ Lancaster Motorsports Park
07/07 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Vinoski Winery
07/09 — Gettysburg, PA @ Gettysburg Bike Week
07/10 — Streator, IL @ Streator July 4 Fest
07/14 — Omaha, NE @ Barnato Lounge
07/16 — Joplin, MO @ Guitars
07/17 — Chickasaw, OK @ Legends Event Park
07/19 — Memphis, TN @ Lafayette’s Music Room
07/20 — Baton Rouge, LA @ Basin Music Hall
07/21 — Jay, OK @ MAO Event Center
07/23 — Chesterfield, MI @ Diesel
07/24 — Grover Hill, OH @ Whetzel Motor Rally
07/25 — Cincinnati, OH @ Riverfront Live
07/30 — Columbus, OH @ King of Clubs
07/31 — Marietta, Oh @ Adelphia Music Hall
08/01 — Indianapolis, IN @ Hi Fi ANNEX
08/03 — Madison, WI @ Majestic
08/05 — Dubuque, IA @ Five Flags Event Center
08/10 — Columbia, MO @ Blue Note
08/14 — Shiley Acres, VA @ Shiley Acres
08/15 — Knoxville, TN @ Cotton Eye Joe’s
08/17 — Hobart, IN @ Hobart Theatre
08/19 — Ft Wayne, IN @ Pieres
08/20 — Lombard, IL @ Brauerhouse
08/21 — Escanaba, MI @ UP State Fair – Grandstand
08/22 — Green Bay, WI @ Epic Event Center
08/27 — Fountain, MN @ Beaver Bottoms Saloon
08/28 — Walker, MN @ Northern Lights Casino
08/29 — Clear Lake, IA @ Surf Ballroom
08/31 — West Peoria, IL @ Crusens
09/01 — Lexington, KY @ Manchester Music Hall
09/03 — Nashville, TN @ Brooklyn Bowl
09/04 — Charlotte, NC @ Park Expo Center
09/05 — Chattanooga, TN @ The Signal
09/07 — Ardmore, OK @ Heritage Hall
09/10 — Flandreau, SD @ Royal River City
09/12 — Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
09/14 — Cleveland, OH @ HOB
09/15 — Syracuse, NY @ Sharkey’s Event Center
09/17 — Hampton Beach, NH @ Wally’s
09/18 — Blackthorne, NY @ Blackthorne Fest
09/24 — Santa Clarita, CA @ Canyon Club
09/25 — Agoura Hills, CA @ Canyon Club
09/26 — Montclair, CA @ Canyon Club
09/28 — Tempe, AZ @ Marquee
09/30 — Salt Lake City, UT @ Royal
10/01 — Cheyenne, WY @ Outlaw
10/02 — Billings, MT @ Pub Station
10/04 — Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
10/05 — Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw
10/07 — Calgary, AB @ Eagle Event Center
10/08 — Dawson Creek, BC @ Encana Event Center
10/09 — Edmonton, AB @ Century Casino
10/11 — Red Deer, AB @ Bo’s Bar Stage
10/12 — Saskatoon, SK @ Coors Event Center
10/14 — Regina, SK @ Conexus Art Center
*** 10/15 — Winnipeg, MB @ Burton Cummings Theatre
10/18 — Thunder Bay, ON @ NV Music Hall
10/19 — Sault Ste Marie, ON @ SOO Blasters
10/21 — Sudbury, ON @ The Grand
10/22 — London, ON @ London Music Hall
10/23 — Ottawa, ON @ Barrymore’s
10/25 — Halifax, NS @ Marquee
10/26 — Moncton, NB @ Tide and Boar
10/27 — Moncton, NB @ Tide and Boar
10/30 — Hampton Beach, NH @ Wally’s
10/31 — Portland, ME @ Aura
11/02 — New Bedford, MA @ Vault at Greasy Luck
11/04 — Norwalk, CT @ Granite St Music Hall
11/05 — Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
11/06 — Farmingdale, NY @ Mulcahey’s
11/08 — Baltimore, MD @ The Recher
11/09 — Harrisburg, PA @ Club XL
11/10 — Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans

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May 6, 2021 




Brandon, MB – Parks & Recreation Services is excited to announce a new initiative that will enable the residents of Brandon to get outside and enjoy the spring fresh air, while reaching some of their fitness goals! 


During the months of May and June, Fresh Air Fitness sessions will be provided at various City of Brandon parks.  To start, sessions will be offered Wednesday & Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Additional sessions will be added in June.  


Participants are encouraged to wear athletic clothing, proper footwear, and bring their own water bottles. 

All equipment will be provided and sanitized between uses as per the provincial health protocols. 


Outdoor activities include: 

·       Cricket 

·       Exercise Ball Fitness 

·       Fitness For Older Adults 

·       Karate  

·       Pickleball 

·       Pilates 

·       Yoga 

·       Zumba 


Each session has limited spots available. No registration required. First come, first served.  


Sessions may be cancelled due to Provincial Public Health Orders. All current Provincial Public Health orders must be followed. Current health orders can be found at Province of Manitoba | State of Emergency and Public Health Orders. 


All ages are invited. Participants 11 years of age and under require adult supervision. The schedule of activities can be found at brandon.ca/fresh-air-fitness. 


For more info, contact: 


Heather Reimer 

Manager of Recreation 




Source: City of Brandon media release 


No in-person Canada Day event at Riverbank this year

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Brandon, MB – Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 around the globe, Brandon Riverbank Inc. has made the difficult decision to not have an in-person Canada Day event on July 1.

“The situation with COVID-19 and the associated restrictions currently make it impossible to plan any sort of large-scale event,” said James Montgomery, GM of Brandon Riverbank Inc. “We look forward to providing virtual celebrations once again, so please stay tuned to our social media channels and websites for up-to-date information.


Canada Day is not cancelled, but we need to continue following public health advice until it is safe to have an event of this magnitude. Brandon Riverbank Inc. looks forward to once again being a gathering place for celebrations such as these when it’s safe to do so.”


For more information, please contact James Montgomery at Brandon Riverbank Inc. at 204-717-8801 or james@riverbank.mb.ca


Source: Brandon Riverbank Inc. media release


 May 5, 2021 





Brandon, MB – As we are looking forward to enjoying warmer weather in our own backyards, Brandon Fire & Emergency Services Prevention Division is reminding residents that if your activity includes sitting around a fire pit, you should ensure your fire pit is in compliance with the following regulations:  


  • To have an open-air fire in your yard, you must first have an approved permit. Before a permit is approved, an inspection of the proposed site/appliance by Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is required. This can be requested at no cost. 


  • The permit does not have to be renewed annually. A new application is required if property ownership has changed or if the original application has changed. 


  • If you are renting the property, you need a letter of permission from the property owner. 


  • Before submitting your application, be sure your fire pit appliance is within the height and width restrictions and has enclosed sides made of approved material. 


  • A spark arrestor mesh screen, made of metal, with openings no larger than half an inch is to be used. The brick, stone, concrete, or heavy-gauge metal must be separated from grass and any other vegetation by at least six (6) inches by means of clean earth, sand, gravel or non-combustible medium. 


  • At least five (5) feet of clearance must be maintained from the fire pit edge and buildings, property lines or other combustibles. 


  • Grass, rubbish, and leaves cannot be burned within City limits.  


  • If fire pits are used without the necessary permit, offenders may be ticketed without warning. The fee for failing to comply with the policy is $400.00, as per the Open Air Fire Policy 30. 


Fire permits and forms can be found at City of Brandon – Fire Permits & Forms. 


For more information, contact: 

Heather Penner 

Public Educator 

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services 


Prevention Division at fire@brandon.ca 

COVID-19 cases in Manitoba Today Near The 300 Mark yet Again

Manitoba public health officials say today’s 271 new cases of COVID-19 bring the total up to 40,085 and there are still 2,780 active cases in the keystone province.

Public health officials advise that two new deaths in people with COVID-19 have been reported today:

• a male in his 60s from the Winnipeg health region; and

• a female in her 70s from the Winnipeg health region, linked to B.1.1.7 variant of concern.

These two deaths bring the death toll up to 982 in Manitoba.

The current five-day COVID-19 test positivity rate is 8.8 percent provincially and 9.2 percent in Winnipeg.

Today’s COVID-19 data shows:

• 20 cases in the Interlake-Eastern health region;
• 13 cases in the Northern health region;
• 37 cases in the Prairie Mountain Health region;
• 20 cases in the Southern Health–Santé Sud health region; and
• 182 cases in the Winnipeg health region.

The data also shows 36,323 individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. However, 125 people are in hospital with active COVID-19 as well as 59 people in hospital with COVID-19 who are no longer infectious but continue to require care, for a total of 184 hospitalizations.

38 people are in intensive care units with active COVID-19 as well as nine people with COVID-19 who are no longer infectious but continue to require critical care, for a total of 47 ICU patients.


Progress on the Vaccination Front

Meanwhile, Manitoba continues to make progress in the largest immunization campaign in the province’s history, as more than 500,000 doses have been administered and more than 40 percent of people aged 18 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today. By May 21, all Manitobans will be eligible to get the vaccine.

Additional data on variants of concern is updated from Tuesday to Saturday and is available here:

Source: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/updates/index.html

Cruise Nights Will Roll On Despite COVID Restrictions

For the past 15+ months, COVID-19 has been the bane for a wide variety of live events everywhere. Of those events enjoyed by the masses here in Westman is the Downtown Cruise Nights which are regularly held the first Thursday night of each month between May and October. At least two of these events have fallen victim to the pandemic and its public health measures and restrictions.

While the Brandon and Area Car Enthusiasts regret to inform the public their Downtown Cruise Nights set for May 20th and June 3rd have been cancelled, they are making alternate plans.

The current health order established to help stave off the third wave of the pandemic does not apply to an organized outdoor gathering or event which people attend in a motor vehicle if all persons remain in their motor vehicle are stay immediately outside their vehicle in a matter that ensures that they are able to maintain a separation of at least two meters from other persons attending the gathering or event who arrived in another vehicle.

B.A.C.E. (the group of classic vehicle owners including, cars, trucks, and vans), will be doing another driving cruise. Meetings have been set to work out the logistics. A date and route for the cruise will be announced soon on their Facebook page. However, the group says other shows might get cancelled or adjusted. You can visit BACE and Road Rebel Facebook pages for up-to-date information.


Source: City of Brandon media release


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Underground Utilities Section wishes to advise that its seasonal water main flushing program will begin May 5th, 2021. The routine flushing process is conducted each year to maintain water quality along with the distribution system, with the goal of flushing the entire system each season by early November, weather permitting. 

Crews will begin flushing water mains from McDonald Avenue to Victoria Avenue between 1st Street and 34th Street over approximately one month. Crews will then move outward across the city, with water main flushing in subsequent areas announced on the City of Brandon’s social media accounts. 

Water main cleaning will be conducted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

Residents are asked to watch for signs on either end of the street in the days prior to the scheduled cleaning. Once signs are placed on a street, water main flushing will be completed within 72 hours, subject to unforeseen delays. 

To avoid complications, residents are asked not to run their water or flush their toilet once water main cleaning has begun on their street. Residents should be aware that experiencing little to no water pressure is to be expected while flushing is occurring on their street. However, water pressure will be restored once water main flushing has been completed. 

If discoloured water is drawn while City crews are flushing an area, residents are encouraged to run their taps until the water becomes clear. If discoloured water continues to be drawn from the tap more than a few hours after flushing, please contact the City of Brandon Underground Utilities Section during business hours at 204-729-2285. 

The City of Brandon thanks the public for its cooperation during this important maintenance of the water distribution system. 

Garage Sales Prohibited and No Visitors Allowed at Manitoba CampGrounds

As COVID cases continue to rise in Manitoba during this third wave provincial government officials added two more major restrictions to help stave off another spike.

If you were planning a garage or yard sale this spring you’ll need to keep your items in storage a bit longer as health officials have banned such sales from happening until further notice. The fine for violating this restriction is $1296.00

Manitobans are also reminded they aren’t allowed to have guests at campgrounds at least until the end of the Victoria Day long weekend (May 24, 2021), perhaps longer. These new restrictions are included in the recent health measures.

Manitoba’s Chief public health officer Dr. Brent Roussin reacted to the rising cases of late, “We’re seeing concerning numbers right now. We’re seeing a concerning trajectory going up in essentially every indicator,” Roussin said, as he urged people to reduce the number of contacts they have. “And the best way to do that is to stay home as much as possible. To address this third wave, we need all Manitobans to do their part,” Roussin said.

Another 291 cases were reported in Manitoba today and one more death linked to a more contagious coronavirus. A Winnipeg man in his 40s succumbed to the B117 coronavirus variant originally detected in the U.K. The variants spread more easily than the original strain of the coronavirus which causes COVID-19. The total of deaths in Manitoba linked to the variants is now up to 11.

Meanwhile, the total number of cases is up to 361 since Saturday, rising from 2,344 to 2,705. There are currently 2,692 active COVID cases in Manitoba of those 993 are variants.