Digital Directory Helps promote Local Businesses Online

Local businesses now have another option to get their products and services featured online. Brandon-based business “Westman Zone” launched in July already has a significant number of business listings. The website is www.westmanzone, it’s an online directory that has been described as an online version of the yellow pages, allows businesses owners to promote their stores, shops and various services. Westman Zone also works as a double entendre as in Westman’s Own, an online hub that focuses on Western Manitoba but will allow people outside of the region to promote other shops and services.

Categories in which you can list a business run the gamut from Automotive to Tree Services or Photography to real Estate. There are three levels of listings (Silver, Gold, and Diamond) ranging in prices from $40.00 to $85.00 per month. There is also a free listing option for those who just want to get a feel for how this multi-service platform can further promote any business. Businesses can feature photo galleries and even video content to help spread the word about their services.

Along with the business directory, Westman Zone allows its members to post blogs, list upcoming events, classified ads, and more. An upcoming feature will be the Westman Zone discussion boards.

For more information visit and sign up. Membership is free and basic business listings are also free! Finally, Westman has another online option to call its own, Westman Zone!



Brandon, MB – In response to the August 7th Public Health Act Orders released by the Province of Manitoba, the City of Brandon is strongly encouraging all residents to wear masks at all civic facilities, including on Brandon Transit. 


The City of Brandon is committed to protecting the health and safety of our residents and employees. Individuals visiting any civic facility are asked to respect the principles of social distancing, hand sanitizing, physical barriers, wearing masks and self-assessment criteria that have been put in place for the safety of all.   


Any member of the public that is feeling unwell or is exhibiting ANY COVID-19-related health symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat) SHOULD NOT attend to any City of Brandon facility and should, instead, visit or contact Health Links at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257 for advice.  


City of Brandon staff will also adhere to these Shared Health guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


“Our community has done well in responding to the COVID-19 virus thus far and I am encouraged that the public and our staff will continue to use an abundance of caution”, says city manager Ron Bowles. 


Brandon, MB – Please be advised of the following hours of operation for Terry Fox Day, August 2nd, 2021, at the City of Brandon:

• Brandon City Hall (410 – 9th Street), A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex (638 Princess Avenue), and Civic Services Complex (900 Richmond Avenue East) are all closed on
Monday, August 2nd, 2021, to observe Terry Fox Day.

• The Eastview Landfill is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. The Household Hazardous Waste Depot, Material Recovery Facility, and ECO Centre are closed August 2nd.

• Brandon Transit will be running from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Transit Information Centre will be closed Monday.

• For any after-hours public works emergencies, call the City of Brandon Public Works AfterHours Line at 204-729-2285.
Regular hours of operation return on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021.

For more information on doing business with the City, please visit


Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services is excited to announce that the city is hosting several events to mark the official celebration of Manitoba’s 150th Anniversary.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the city is hosting a week-long celebration from September 19th to 25th, in partnership with Manitoba 150. Events include a drive-thru pancake breakfast, scavenger hunts, and a drive-in movie!

Celebrate 150 Free Drive-Thru Pancake Breakfast

Date: September 19th

Time: 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. (or until supplies last)

Location: TBD

Celebrate 150 Scavenger Hunts

Date: September 19th – 25th

Time: Dawn to Dusk

Location: TBD

Celebrate 150 Drive-In Movie

Date: September 25th

Time: Dusk

Movie: The Journey Home

Location: Keystone Centre Parking Lot

Celebrate 150 Pop-Up Performances

In addition to this week-long celebration, the city is also thrilled to present an exciting spur-of-the-moment pop-up performance series. These performances will take place at various locations around the city, featuring local talent from Brandon and the Westman region.

Watch for these short events in parks, green spaces, and bustling corners around the city throughout July, August, and September.

For more information on these events, please visit City of Brandon – Celebrate 150.

Sign Up For Notifications

Sign up to receive notifications about the Celebrate 150 events taking place in Brandon this summer.

Please Note: all events are subject to public health orders. Events may be adapted to adhere to current provincial public health orders.

About Manitoba 150

In 1870, Manitoba became Canada’s fifth province – the only to enter Confederation under Indigenous Leadership. The Manitoba 150 Host Committee Inc. (Manitoba 150) is an independent not-for-profit organization. Manitoba 150 exists to shine a light on all that makes Manitoba amazing and unique – our beauty, people, cultures, and history.

Manitoba is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Dakota, Ininew, Anishininiw, Dene, and Inuit, and is the homeland of the Métis. Its ongoing existence is thanks to these ancestors, and their present-day relatives, who continue to love and care for the land.

As Manitoba reflects on 150 years as a province and looks forward to a new year, it is an opportunity to come together in spirit, to share stories, and to build even stronger connections to each other and the land. Our anniversary continues to inspire us to explore our past and leave legacies for the future.

We encourage you to discover your Manitoba all over again and find a new reason to fall in love with our amazing province.

For more info, contact:

Perry Roque

Director of Parks & Recreation Services



Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services will move forward with an overnight fogging program for nuisance mosquitoes on Saturday, July 3rd, and Sunday, July 4th, 2021. Mosquito trap counts from this past weekend exceeded the established thresholds for proceeding with adult mosquito control, which can be found on the City of Brandon website at Residents will want to note that the City of Brandon uses different traps for its nuisance mosquito control program than those used by the City of Winnipeg; therefore, trap count thresholds which trigger fogging activity vary greatly between the two cities.


Fogging will proceed overnight on Saturday, July 3rd and Sunday, July 4th beginning after 10 p.m. each evening – AS LONG AS weather conditions are suitable to proceed. It is very important for the public to note that fogging will NOT be undertaken if it is raining, if the temperature dips below 15 degrees Celsius, or if the wind speed is in excess of 16 kilometres/hour. In the event fogging is postponed due to weather conditions, the public will be notified, and fogging activity will be re-scheduled to the next suitable evening.


In terms of the fogging schedule, all areas south of Victoria Avenue (from Victoria Avenue to 2 miles south of Patricia Avenue and from 66th Street to 49th Street East) will be fogged on Saturday, July 3rd , beginning at approximately 10 p.m. All areas north of Victoria Avenue (from Victoria Avenue to Sandison Road at the Brandon Municipal Airport and from 66th Street to 49th Street East) will be fogged on Sunday, July 4th , beginning at approximately 10 p.m.


The insecticide to be used in this fogging program is DeltaGard 20EW. This product is approved for use by Health Canada and is a lower-risk product compared to the product used in past years’ City of Brandon fogging program. The exposure to bees, birds, mammals, fish and plants is expected to be minimal, given the reduced application rate, timing of application, and the minimal deposits in soil, water and plants that are anticipated from this application.


Residents can take the following actions to minimize exposure during a fogging program:

  • Whenever possible, stay indoors during and immediately after spraying;
  • Close all windows and doors. Turn off air conditioning units and close vents to circulate indoor air, before the spraying begins;
  • Bring laundry, toys and pets indoors before the spraying occurs;
  • Cover swimming pool surfaces when possible;
  • Wash homegrown fruit and vegetables with water before cooking or eating them;
  • Rinse play equipment with water after the spraying is finished.

More information about DeltaGard 20EW can be found on the City of Brandon website at


The provision of a 90-metre buffer zone for residents who wish to be excluded from a fogging program is regulated by the Province of Manitoba and is a condition of the City of Brandon’s annual Pesticide Use Permit. As such, the City of Brandon will be accepting applications until 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 3rd from residents who wish to have a buffer zone applied to their property. A resident’s name, address, telephone number and proof of occupancy (drivers licence, utility bill, telephone bill, etc.) are all required for a buffer zone application to be accepted. The application form can be downloaded from the City of Brandon website here, filled out and returned by email to or by fax at 204-726-4257. Residents should be aware they need register annually if they wish to be placed on a buffer zone list for Brandon’s mosquito fogging program. This means last year’s buffer zone lists are not applicable. 


More information about the buffer zone registration process can be obtained by calling City of Brandon Parks Services at 204-729-2148 during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Due to the Parks Administration being closed on Canada Day and the quick turnaround to spray, city staff will not be able to answer enquiries from residents asking if they are in a buffer zone.


Residents can also help reduce the impact of this year’s mosquito populations. Simple things like dumping out any containers of standing water, draining any eavestroughing, covering rainwater collection containers; filling in any low-lying areas, or treating problem areas with biological larvicide can minimize the number of mosquitoes. The annoyance of mosquitoes can also greatly be reduced by using repellants, wearing light-coloured clothing, limiting your time outside between the hours of dusk and dawn and using screened-in areas.


More information about the City of Brandon’s Mosquito Surveillance and Abatement Program can be found at






June 30, 2021 





Brandon, MB – Please be advised of the following hours of operation for Canada Day, July 1st, 2021, at the City of Brandon: 


  • Brandon City Hall (410 – 9th Street), A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex (638 Princess Avenue), and Civic Services Complex (900 Richmond Avenue East) are all closed on Thursday, July 1st, 2021, to observe Canada Day. 


  • The Eastview Landfill is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. The Household Hazardous Waste Depot, Material Recovery Facility, and ECO Centre are Closed July 1st.  The City of Brandon Refuse and Recycling collection on Thursday, July 1st will occur as per its normal schedule.  


  • Brandon Transit will be running from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Transit Information Centre will be closed Thursday.  


  • For any after-hours public works emergencies, call the City of Brandon Public Works After-Hours Line at 204-729-2285.  


Regular hours of operation return on Friday, July 2nd, 2021. 

Finally, a reminder from Brandon Fire & Emergency Services, that pursuant to City of Brandon Fireworks By-law #7200, no person shall purchase fireworks, fire, set off, or otherwise ignite any fireworks in or above the City except under a permit issued by the Fire Chief. Additionally, if any fireworks are purchased at a retailer within the City of Brandon, the retailer must provide a waiver form for the purchaser to sign stating that the fireworks will not be set off within the City of Brandon. Individuals found to be in contravention of the Fireworks By-Law may face a fine of anywhere between $200 and $1,000. 


For more information on doing business with the City, please visit 


Happy Canada Day! 


Source: City of Brandon media release

With Canada Day fast approaching the City of Brandon released an important reminder for those hoping to set off some fireworks to mark the occasion of Canada’s birthday.

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is reminding residents that Fireworks are not allowed to be set off within city limits. 

Pursuant to City of Brandon Fireworks By-law #7200 – P31, no person shall purchase fireworks, fire, set off, or otherwise ignite any fireworks in or above the City except under a permit issued by the Fire Chief.  

Additionally, if any fireworks are purchased at a retailer within the City of Brandon, the retailer must provide a waiver form for the purchaser to sign stating that the fireworks will not be set off within the City of Brandon. Individuals found to be in contravention of the Fireworks By-Law may face a fine of anywhere between $200 and $1,000. 

Permits are only authorized for special events on the authority of the Fire Chief who has approved the application after all necessary requirements have been met. 

Source: City of Brandon media release

Canada Day Drive-In Movie Night Draws Near!

What is family-friendly, tons of fun, and meets all covid regulations while raising money for great causes? The Canada Day Drive-In Movie Night at Murray Chev Olds!

According to Doug Kool, Owner-Operator of Look Music Services (who’ve expanded their services to include an inflatable movie screen), Murray’s GSM Chuck Elliot approached him a few months ago about planning a charitable event to be held on Murray’s lot and the idea of a Drive-Inn movie came about. “At that time we were casually thinking it would be a great idea to run a movie. Well it is a car dealership so running the CARS 3 movie seemed to be a perfect fit!” said Kool. Once they secured the rights to show the movie the rest of the planning was green-lighted. Murray’s and Look Music worked as a team with personnel from each business taking on tasks that needed to be done. “Both of us had our strengths and connections to coordinate the coming together,” Kool said. 

Getting a sanitation permit from Manitoba Health was another necessary step. However, with current health regulations due to COVID, no food trucks are allowed, so popcorn and water donated by Heritage CO-OP will be available and is included with the gate admission of $30. The tickets will only be sold online so as to eliminate the bottleneck at the gate. Tickets will be checked at the gate popcorn and water will be handed out as cars will be directed to the parking area. “We will use Murray’s south lot which can hold approximately 150-200 vehicles. We have a number of volunteers from Look & Murray’s to help out at the gate and parking,” said Kool.

The alternate date for the event is July 3 in case the event is rained out or windy. “The screen is inflatable and can tolerate 25 km wind, anything over that is not good and the event will be postponed,” said Kool. For those wondering, there will be no fireworks at this Canada Day event. 

People are encouraged to bring whatever other snacks they want! There will be no alcohol or drugs or smoking allowed and people must remain in their cars or in the immediate area of their car in order to adhere to COVID regulations, so we ask attendees to refrain from gathering and visiting. There will be washrooms on site. Access to the Murray Auto Centre lot will be via Richmond Ave. Gates open at 8:00 PM And the movie will start at approximately 9:30 PM.

Tickets are available online with this link and include one bag of popcorn and two water bottles. Net proceeds will be split between the Brandon & District United Way and the Brandon branch of the Canadian Cancer Society.


Mosquito Buffer Zone Applications Now Available For Brandon Home Owners

Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services has begun its annual mosquito surveillance and abatement program for the 2021 season. The program focuses on monitoring and larviciding dozens of areas of standing water across the community, with provisions in place for adult nuisance mosquito control (fogging) if conditions meet criteria.

In this early part of the nuisance mosquito season, the focus is being placed on larviciding areas of standing water with a biological larvicide (Aquabac) where necessary and the weekly collection and analysis of adult mosquito trap counts collected from static locations across the community. Trap count data for the 2021 season is available at this link

The City of Brandon will ONLY undertake adult nuisance mosquito control (fogging) if the City of Brandon’s Adulticiding Factor Analysis Guidelines value falls into and remains in the high category for two consecutive trap counts, OR the average of any daily mosquito trap count is more than 1,000 nuisance mosquitoes, OR any individual trap count is more than 2,000 nuisance mosquitoes. These guidelines do not apply if the Province of Manitoba issues the City of Brandon
a fogging health order to control any presence of West Nile virus.

In accordance with the approval granted by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, the City of Brandon will undertake any potential adult nuisance mosquito control using the product, Delta Guard 20 EW (Deltamethrin). Compliant with its annual Pesticide Use Permit issued by the Province of Manitoba, the City of Brandon allows residents to register for a 90- metre buffer zone to be applied to their property in the event the City of Brandon fogs for nuisance mosquitoes. A resident’s name, address, telephone number and proof of occupancy are all required for a buffer zone application to be accepted. A medical certificate is NOT required to request a nuisance mosquito buffer zone. However, should the Province of Manitoba issue the City of Brandon a health order to spray for West Nile virus, all buffer zones will NOT apply. More
information about the use of Delta Gard 20 EW can be found at 410 – 9th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 6A2 |

The City of Brandon Nuisance Mosquito Buffer Zone application form is available for download by visiting . More information on the buffer zone registration process can be obtained by calling the City of Brandon Parks Section at 204-729-2148.

Source: City of Brandon media release

Valuable tips on how to reduce your water bills

Brandon, MB – Recent rains in Brandon have been a welcome change for many, given the drought conditions in southwestern Manitoba. The long-term forecast for Brandon remains hot and dry, which can have an impact on the amount of water used throughout the City. Keeping cool and staying hydrated will be important all summer but being mindful of the water we use should not be forgotten. 


Water is a precious resource and conserving it has a positive impact on the environment. Ensuring we use every drop effectively has the added benefit of lowering water bills. In the next few weeks, the City of Brandon and the Brandon Emergency Support Team (B.E.S.T) will be advertising ‘Water Conservation Tips’ for your home to consider. More information can be found on the Brandon Environment Committee website: 


Providing potable water is a core service of the City of Brandon, which includes monitoring the supply and usage. With warmer temperatures and lower than normal rainfall expected, the City will continue to review water supply access.  


Currently, there are no water restrictions in place. 


As a reminder, City Council passed a Water Conservation By-Law in 2019 that establishes a staged approach to protecting the water supply if capacity were to be diminished. The By-Law and Regulation are available online at:  

·       By-Law 7245.pdf 

·       WTRCONREG-001_-_Water_Conservation By-Law.pdf 


Source: City of Brandon media release

Vaccinated People Offered Various Discounts at Brandon’s Riverbank Discovery Centre


Brandon Riverbank Inc. is proud to announce that as a thank you for getting the vaccine, you can currently book Fusion Credit Union Stage for HALF PRICE!

Until June 30th, show your vaccine card (or proof of vaccination – either first or second dose) and receive 50% off the booking charge (bookings until the end of 2021).

As a bonus for those who book the stage during this time, receive 25% off all souvenirs inside the Riverbank Discovery Centre/Brandon & Region Tourism Centre!

For more information please contact James Montgomery, General Manager at Brandon Riverbank Inc. / Brandon Tourism

1-888-799-1111 (Toll-Free)

204-729-2141 (Office)

204-729-2139 (Fax)

204-717-8801 (Direct line)





Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is excited to announce that we are partnering with the Central Assiniboine Watershed District to launch the Residential Rain Garden Pilot Program. This pilot program is seeking up to ten (10) single-dwelling residential properties to install a rain garden in their yard this summer.  


A rain garden is a type of green infrastructure landscape that collects stormwater (rain and melted snow) that runs off your grass and impervious surfaces, such as rooftops and driveways. 


Rain gardens are designed to have a shallow depression that has deep, loose soil so that it absorbs and naturally filters stormwater. Although water is collected in rain gardens, they are not a breeding habitat for mosquitoes. Rain gardens are aesthetically pleasing with low maintenance requirements. 


A rain garden can also:  

·       reduce the amount of water that enters the local stormwater system 

·       reduce flooding and mitigates drainage issues 

·       attract birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other beneficial insects 


“The success of this program will be a stepping stone to creating a long-term program for Brandon residents,” notes City of Brandon’s Environmental Initiatives Coordinator Lindsay Hargreaves. “It will incorporate green infrastructure into yards to help mitigate stormwater runoff.”  


“We are excited to work with the City of Brandon on this program,” notes Neil Zalluski, Manager of Central Assiniboine Watershed District. “The City is the largest urban center that is a member of a local watershed district. We are always willing to work with our members and we hope that the program inspires residents to mitigate overland flooding on their property while adding curb appeal.” 


Basic eligibility requirements for the program include: 

·       Applicants must be a resident of Brandon and the rain garden must be installed on a property you own within city limits.  

·       The rain garden must be in a low-lying location on your property.  

·       The rain garden must be installed at least three (3) metres away from the foundation of your house.  

·       You must be able to redirect a downspout from your roof to the rain garden area.  

·       The proposed rain garden location must be clear of any trees or underground services.  


If residents are interested in applying to be a part of the pilot program, they should apply online at Residential Rain Garden Pilot Program. Once approved, a staff member from the Central Assiniboine Watershed District will contact the homeowner to assist with the design and installation of the rain garden.  There is a limited amount of funding available. Eligible applicants will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis.  


For more information about the program and eligibility, please visit Residential Rain Garden Pilot Program.                    

UPDATE: Severe Thunderstorm Watch changed to severe thunderstorm warning

Source: Environment Canada


11:49 PM CDT Thursday 10 June 2021
Severe thunderstorm warning in effect for:

  • City of Brandon
  • Mun. of Glenboro-South Cypress incl. Treesbank
  • Mun. of North Cypress-Langford incl. Neepawa and Carberry
  • Mun. of North Norfolk incl. MacGregor Sidney and Austin
  • Mun. of Oakland-Wawanesa incl. Carroll
  • R.M. of Cornwallis west of Shilo incl. Chater
  • R.M. of Elton incl. Forrest
  • R.M. of Victoria incl. Holland and Cypress River

Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing winds in excess of 90 km/h.

At 11:48 PM CDT Doppler RADAR indicated that this line of severe thunderstorms stretched from Elphinstone to Brandon to Boissevain and was moving toward the east at 60 km/h.

If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. Strong wind gusts can toss loose objects, damage weak buildings, break branches off trees and overturn large vehicles. Lightning kills and injures Canadians every year. Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors!

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #MBStorm.


Environment Canada Issues A Severe Thunderstorm Watch For Brandon Region

As of 9:56 p.m. Thursday, June 10, 2021, Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the Brandon region including

  • City of Brandon
  • Mun. of Glenboro-South Cypress incl. Treesbank
  • Mun. of Norfolk Treherne
  • Mun. of North Cypress-Langford incl. Neepawa and Carberry
  • Mun. of North Norfolk incl. MacGregor Sidney and Austin
  • Mun. of Oakland-Wawanesa incl. Carroll
  • R.M. of Cornwallis west of Shilo incl. Chater
  • R.M. of Elton incl. Forrest
  • R.M. of Victoria incl. Holland and Cypress River


Thunderstorms are moving into southwestern Manitoba from Saskatchewan and North Dakota. Some of these thunderstorms may become severe with winds in excess of 90 km/h and quarter-sized hail the main threats.

Very large hail can damage property, break windows, dent vehicles and cause serious injury. Very strong wind gusts can damage buildings, down trees and blow large vehicles off the road. Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads. Lightning kills and injures Canadians every year. Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors!

Severe thunderstorm watches are issued when atmospheric conditions are favourable for the development of thunderstorms that could produce one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, torrential rainfall.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #MBStorm.


For more details visit the Environment Canada website here

Wheat Kings Expand Front Office Team

The Brandon Wheat Kings have added four familiar faces to the organization.

Crowe has been the voice of the Wheat Kings since 2017 and will remain in that role moving forward.

The Boissevain, MB native brings 10+ years of business experience in the hockey world with stints in the SJHL with the Melfort Mustangs and the MJHL’s Virden Oil Capitals.

Former Moose Jaw Warrior and Brandon Bobcat, Grady Manson joins the Wheat Kings in the role of Director of Corporate Sales.

Manson, who was named the WHL Humanitarian of the Year in 1995 played five seasons in the WHL for the Warriors and Tri-City Americans before embarking on a five-year professional hockey career.

Upon his retirement from the game, Manson quickly re-kindled his love for golf and has spent the last 25 years working in the golf and hospitality industry with the Clear Lake Golf Course, Bel Acres Golf Course, Elkhorn Resort and most recently the Wheat City Golf Course.

L-R: Grady Manson, Jordan Kaspick & Wyatt Garden pose in front of the new BWK Alumni wall inside the Keystone Centre

Meanwhile, Jordan Kaspick and Wyatt Garden have joined the Wheat Kings as Account Executives.

Kaspick, the older brother of former Captain Tanner Kaspick, was born and raised in Brandon, playing hockey and baseball throughout his youth.

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a Major in Marketing from the Edwards School of Business in Saskatoon, Kaspick returned to the Wheat City to take over the Sales and Marketing at the Wheat City Golf Course.

Garden, the son of former Wheat King Graham Garden graduated from the Asper School of Business with an honors degree in marketing and small business entrepreneurship. He is currently involved in real estate with Remax Valley View Realty. He also owns The Media Garden, specializing in videography, video marketing and other creative avenues.

The new Corporate Sales team can be reached via phone or email:

Branden Crowe – 204-726-3537 –
Grady Manson – 204-291-0220 –
Jordan Kaspick – 204-573-5528 –
Wyatt Garden – 204-761-7049 –

Westman residents are encouraged to take advantage of the Wheat Kings Vaccine Initiative. Bring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to the BWK Team Store (Monday-Friday / 10 am-5 pm) and get your name entered to win one of four grand prizes.



Update on Manitoba COVID Restrictions

Manitobans will be able to gather in small groups this weekend.

Public health officials announced that outdoor public gatherings of up to five people will be allowed as of Saturday.

Up to five visitors from no more than two different households will be allowed outdoors on private property. This means that up to three households in total can gather in someone’s yard.

There’s no limit on the number of households that can gather in outdoor public spaces, but the number of people still can’t exceed five.

All other current restrictions will remain in place.

Shared Health Chief Nursing Officer Lanette Siragusa says that the reason restrictions continue to be in place because hospitals are still full.

Fifteen more nurses are about a week into a two-week-long critical care nursing orientation, as part of efforts to help treat patients in Manitoba intensive care units.

Siragusa says steps are being taken to create capacity in hospitals.




Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services is advising that residents may apply to have a 90-metre buffer zone applied to their property during a nuisance mosquito fogging event in 2021. By registering for a buffer zone, residents will have their property and an area of 90 metres on either side of their property in the front street, side street, and rear lane excluded from the Nuisance Mosquito Fogging Program. 


Residents are reminded that they must renew their buffer zone registration at the beginning of every season. A resident’s name, address, telephone number and proof of occupancy are all required for a buffer zone application to be accepted. A medical certificate is NOT required to request a nuisance mosquito buffer zone. However, should the Province of Manitoba issue the City of Brandon an order to spray for Culex tarsalis mosquitoes, all buffer zones will not apply. The Culex tarsalis mosquito is the type of mosquito which is known to carry and transmit the West Nile virus. More information about the Province of Manitoba’s West Nile virus program can be found at 


To apply, residents can fill out the Buffer Zone Registration Form and email the signed copy to Physical copies can be picked up and returned to the Parks Complex, located at 2020 McGregor Avenue. Please note that this building is closed to public access, but residents can knock on the door to pick up or drop off their registration form. More information on the buffer zone registration process can be obtained by calling Parks & Recreation Services at 204-729-2148 or emailing 


More information about the City of Brandon’s Nuisance Mosquito Fogging Program is available at 


Source: City of Brandon media release

Construction of Brandon Riverbank Inc. Sharing Circle begins 

Monday, June 7, 2021, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Construction of Sharing Circle now underway Brandon, MB – Brandon Riverbank Inc. is pleased to announce that construction of the All Nations Sharing Circle is now underway.

The area, which is located on the east end of the Riverbank grounds where the trail forks north, south, and west near the Assiniboine River, will be a safe place for all people to share knowledge, experiences, stories and more.

It’s expected the Sharing Circle will be completed by mid-June in an effort to have the area ready for National Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The project is made possible thanks to the generous support from Westoba Credit Union and the Westoba Inspire community investment program.

For more information, please contact James Montgomery at Brandon Riverbank Inc. at 204-717-8801 or


ABOUT INSPIRE AND WESTOBA CREDIT UNION Created in 2017, Westoba Inspire is Westoba’s community investment program in partnership with the Brandon Area Community Foundation and the Westoba Fund. To be eligible for funding, requests need to support community infrastructure projects that are initiated locally or have a clear local impact; are inclusive and bring people together; are long-term or multi-functional; and promote staying, participating and engaging in an enriched community. Westoba Credit Union Ltd. is one of Manitoba’s largest credit unions, serving over 35,000 members in 17 locations across Manitoba.


Source: Brandon Riverbank Inc. media release


Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services is advising residents that the City of Brandon Outdoor Aquatic Facilities are scheduled to open as follows: 

·       Kinsmen Pool on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 

·       Spray Parks on Monday, June 21, 2021 

City of Brandon Parks & Recreation staff are in the process of hiring and training staff for these areas, as well as ensuring all facilities are operational for the opening dates.


Extreme Heat Prevention Tips  

With the warmer temperatures this weekend, the City of Brandon is reminding residents to stay aware, stay cool, and take care of themselves and others. 


Stay Aware And Be Prepared   

·       Keep up to date with our local weather forecast and alerts so you know when to take extra care 

·       Stay hydrated – drink plenty of cool liquids, especially water. If you are hungry, fruits and vegetable are a great option with high water content 


Stay Cool And Keep Out Of The Sun  

·       Plan outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day  

·       If you are outdoors during the hottest part of the day, shade yourself from the sun with an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat with lots of ventilation (to allow the sweat on your head to evaporate) 

·       Wear loose-fitting, breathable, light-coloured clothing, and remember to wear sunscreen to limit ultra-violet (UV) ray exposure 

·       If there is no air-conditioning available, spend time in cool places like shaded areas.  

·       Take a cool bath or shower 

·       Avoid using your oven or other appliances that could heat your home more 

·       Limit physical activities during the hotter parts of the day or exercise in an air-conditioned place 


 Take Care Of Yourself And Others 

·       Check on family members, neighbours, and friends—especially older adults and those with chronic conditions. Consider regular virtual visits due to the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders.  

·       Never leave pets alone in a closed vehicle 


For more tips, please visit the following websites: 

·       City of Brandon – Emergency Preparedness 

·       Emergency Measures Organization | Province of Manitoba 

·       Extreme heat: heat waves – 


Source: City of Brandon media release



Great Turnout for the Second Cruise Night of the Season!


It was a beautiful evening for a leisurely drive in and around Brandon, I didn’t count the vehicles but I’m sure we were about 10-15+ more than the 50 we had at the May 20th cruise.


A big thank you to Frank McGwire,, for the 20% off coupons for Twisters, on such a hot day the cool treat was very much appreciated. 


The next BACE cruise will be July 1st, Canada Day, we will be having a couple of shop tours a cruise and a BBQ that day before we cruise that evening.


There was a great showing of Monterey Estates residents to watch us cruise by.


A big thank you to everyone who brought a “Tin for the Bin” for the Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre and to Joe Ball & his helpers running around collecting all the items.


Another big thank you to all those who attended and respected the COVID social distancing rules for this event.


Check out these photos of the event!





Click this link to see more photos!



Brandon, MB – As per the current Provincial Public Health Orders, the City of Brandon is reminding residents that public gatherings at City of Brandon Parks, Playgrounds, Kristopher Campbell Memorial Skate Plaza, and other public spaces are not permitted unless they normally reside at the same private residence.  


This provision does not prevent more than one household group from attending parks, playgrounds, or other public spaces as long as they maintain a reasonable distance from others. 


We are asking the entire community for your cooperation in this matter. Signs are posted on structures, equipment and recreation areas. Please note that the City of Brandon does not sanitize such equipment. 


Everyone using the City of Brandon Parks, Playgrounds, Kristopher Campbell Memorial Skate Plaza, or other public spaces must follow the Manitoba Public Health Orders, which can be found at 


Source: City of Brandon media release


Here is the route list and maps for tonight’s (Thursday, June 3, 2021) BACE cruise.

Meet at WestVic Common, 34th & Victoria, for a 7:00 P.M start.

Wrap up at Twisters Ice Cream Shoppe Lot (corner of 18th Street North and Parker Boulevard).

Don’t forget a Tin for the Bin for Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre.

COVID protocols must be followed!


Also be sure to check out the videos from the first cruise night of the year at the bottom of this page.



Check out this video of the first cruise night of 2021!

Rain barrel fundraising initiative set to take place at Riverbank For Immediate Release


Brandon Riverbank Inc. is pleased to announce the organization will once again be selling rain barrels, in partnership with Orders are being accepted from now until June 12 with the pick-up day scheduled for June 22 at the Riverbank Discovery Centre from 11 am-7 pm. The barrels are being sold for $85 each ($10 from each sale will go towards Brandon Riverbank Inc. in an effort to raise funds for the Assiniboine River Corridor Master Plan.)

Rain barrels capture and store rainwater collected from roofs through downspouts. They provide chlorine-free and fluoride-free water which is ideal for flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and trees. Collected water has a number of other uses including washing cars, cleaning floors, laundry and more. These many uses can provide cost savings and conservation opportunities for every homeowner, especially those who pay to have water trucked in, use a well or have a water meter installed.

Purchasers have a choice of colours and each rain barrel available through Brandon Riverbank Inc. comes equipped with all the parts you need to set up your barrel. These environmentally-friendly products were once used to transport fruits and vegetables and have been refurbished and repurposed to offer years of reliable service as rain barrels.

Brandon Riverbank Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization that is responsible for the care and development of the Assiniboine River Corridor throughout our community. In June 2016, Brandon Riverbank Inc. and the City of Brandon approved the ‘Back to the River’ Master Plan – a 20-year document that guides the use and planning of this special greenspace that winds its way through our city. Many projects, large and small, will come to fruition as a result of the Master Plan and significant funding and community support will be required as we recreate Brandon’s ‘Central Park’. This is a perfect initiative for our organization to pursue, as it promotes water conservation, healthy river systems and environmental stewardship. Orders are now being accepted until JUNE 12th at

For more information please contact: Rochelle Johnson Program Coordinator Brandon Riverbank Inc. 204-717-8802


Source: Brandon Riverbank Inc Press Release

Robert Plant Tells Heart’s Nancy Wilson He’d Grown Tired of Stairway

Nancy Wilson recalled a conversation with Robert Plantabout “Stairway to Heaven” afterHeart performed the classic track at the Kennedy Center in 2012 in honor of Led Zeppelin.


Speaking after the show, Plant, who was visibly moved by the rendition, told her he’d developed negative feelings about the song but that she’d helped change his mind, she said. It went off really great,” Wilson explained in a recent episode of the Eddie Trunk Podcast. “Afterward, the Zeppelin guys each came back individually… [John Paul] Jones was like, ‘Wow, you did a great job.’ And Robert Plant goes, ‘Whoah, I learned to just hate that song because everybody murders it – but you did it justice. Way to go!’ And Jimmy Page goes… ‘You played that great; just lovely.’”


She argued that the emotional moment was made even more so because Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zep drummer John, was part of the extended band on stage. “He [used to be] the little kid, scampering around the practice areas in their rehearsal spaces and their studio space… running around outside when they were recording outside,” she said. “He was the little kid that grew up with them, like his uncles. So I’m sure that was a lot about the emotional reaction that they got, that they were surprised to have, during that song.”


Wilson also recalled that she hadn’t performed well during the only rehearsal that took place before the performance. “It was cold as heck in Washington D.C.,” she reported. “My hands were freezing when we finally got into the practice room with all the choirs and all the players… So it’s like, ‘Okay, go, let’s just play “Stairway to Heaven.” You start.’ … I’m trying to play this beginning, and I’m just barely getting it together, because it was just a cold, draughty old place.


The guys in the house band were like, ‘Oh, well, we could just shadow you. You just kind of play along, kind of behind…’ It’s like, ‘No, no, seriously, I got this – don’t worry about me. … I’ve got this. I’ve been playing this all my life’.” The next day, before the show, she made certain her hands were warm enough. “I walked out there, took a really, really deep breath, just looked them in the eye, had a very big exhale and started,” she said.


Watch Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson Perform ‘Stairway to Heaven’

>>> click here! <<<


Source: Ultimate Classic Rock News





Brandon Riverbank Inc. is now welcoming visitors outside the Discovery/Brandon & Region Tourism Centre for the next few months! A visitor information booth has been installed outside the Discovery Centre/Brandon & Region Tourism Centre front doors (during office hours and when staffing allows).


While the facility remains open, Brandon Riverbank Inc. wanted to ensure the public can access city and region information, while feeling safe outdoors. “During these challenging times, we felt we wanted to better engage with the public and thought we could better utilize our summer staff with this new information booth outside,” said James Montgomery, GM of Brandon Riverbank Inc. Our grounds have been very busy and it’s understandable if some people feel hesitant about going inside our facility.


This joint initiative allows Riverbank and Brandon Tourism staff the ability to provide people with a safe option to access information about the grounds, the city and the region.” Make sure you stop by and pick up your 2021 Brandon visitor guide today! A friendly reminder that the Riverbank grounds are a great way to spend time outdoors during this challenging time. Enjoy the walking trails, children’s playground, outdoor art installments and so much more while at the Riverbank!

For more information please click this link.

Source: Riverbank Discovery Centre media release

Charity Drive Arranged by BACE will commence Saturday Morning

Please help this family struggling with the loss of a husband and a father, Eric Fardoe was killed in a head-on collision near Snow Lake, MB on May 19th.

Eric leaves behind his wife, Stacy, 2-year-old son Wyatt and 5-year-old Walker who is having a birthday.

Family and friends are asking if we can participate in a drive-by this Saturday, May 29th. Everyone is meeting in front of Valley View School, on Whillier Avenue, at 11:00 A.M. and then proceed past the Fardoe’s home on Princess Avenue.

 For more information on this tragic accident go to the CBC link below.