Most Area Golf Courses Are Still In Preparation Mode Prior To The Start of Another Season

Some exciting news for area duffers! Shilo Country Club opened Friday and beat their earliest opening date ever by four days. March 19th is now officially the earliest a round has been played at Shilo Country Club since 2012 when the first tee time of the season went into the books on March 23rd.

Over 100 golfers completed their rounds on Friday and my sources tell me the phone hasn’t stopped ringing in the pro shop. Unfortunately, those looking to get an early first-round in this season will have to wait a little while longer. The course is booked up solid throughout this weekend. If you haven’t got your clubs out yet, here’s some info to keep in mind. Sources at Shilo Country Club say they will be closed Monday and remain closed until daytime temps are regularly in the double digits. Usually, the course opens between late April and early May. For more info on Shilo Golf Course click here. Although Shilo opened for this past weekend, all other golf courses in Westman are waiting for things to dry up and conditions to turn even more favorable before officially kicking off the season.


Wheat City Golf Course General Manager Grady Manson says they’re in full preparation mode. “We’ve set April 15th as our opening date but if conditions continue to stay dry and temps are in the double digits we may be ready to open as early as April 1st. Get more details on Wheat City Golf Course here.

Here’s a special reminder for listeners of The Spark, Brandon’s newest radio station will have its logo and QR code proudly displayed on the scorecards at Wheat City as well as Shilo Golf Course this season. We will also be giving our listeners plenty of chances to win free passes this season. Keep listening for upcoming details on how you can win!

Deer Ridge Golf Course has set Thursday, April 1st as their tentative opening date according to General Manager and CPGA Golf Professional Chris Kading. Kading adds, “If conditions are favorable we may open sooner than April first.” For more details on Deer Ridge visit their website here

Sunnyside Golf Course – A representative from Sunnyside responded to our message with, “The earliest we have ever been able to open is April 10th. We don’t currently have an exact date set as we cannot turn the water on and pass health and safety until we know that there is no chance for pipes to freeze overnight. We will post an opening date on our Facebook and webpage as soon as we know.” For more details, you can visit their website here

Glen Lea Golf Course – The earliest opening date on record was March 21st, 2012. GM Jason Earl says, We typically try to open by April 15th each year. However, this year we’re planning on being open before March 31st although there is no set date yet.” Earl adds, “We would like the weather to stay consistently above that 10-degree Celsius mark and not dip down too low below 0c overnight. We usually don’t take tee times until we’re positive of the date we can be ready. But we will start taking tee times two or three days prior to our announced opening date.” Conversely to their earliest opening date of March 21st in 2012, according to Glen Lea’s records the latest opening date arrived well over a year after their earliest opening. In 2013 area golfers couldn’t tee off at Glen Lea until May 6th! For more details on Glen Lea please visit their website here

Northern Pines – This nine-hole par 3 styled course located on Brandon’s north hill typically opens mid-April. Course representatives are reportedly in preparations to have the course open as early as April 1.

Minnedosa Golf and Country Club – The 18 hole course carved into the beautiful valley typically starts booking tee times by mid April but that could change this year. PGA of Canada Head Professional at Minnedosa Golf and Country Club Patrick Law says, “We’re still waiting for some snow to melt but hoping for an April 3rd opening if Mother Nature allows. Nothing is set in stone though.” For more information on the course in Minnedosa visit their website here


Meanwhile, the forecast calls for a cooling trend this week as temps get back down to early spring seasonal normals between 2 and 6 degrees. The long-range forecast is calling for temperatures to get up around the 12-degree mark again on April 2nd.