Demolition of the historical building expected to last until April 17th


The demolition of the historical International Harvester building began today (Monday, April 12th) at 1735 Pacific Avenue in Brandon, Manitoba.

The five-storey brick structure was built in 1912 at a cost of $54,000. The building originally served as a warehouse for the International Harvester Company, an agricultural implements distributor. International Harvester held offices across North America and selected Brandon to become its western headquarters in 1908.

Single-lane traffic is still allowed to flow over the Daly Overpass Bridge. The sidewalk and underpass on the Thomas Daly bridge will be closed to traffic. Shuttles have been set up for Foot traffic. Pedestrians can hop on the shuttle in the parking lot of the old Pacific Plaza at 1700 Pacific Avenue and at the bottom of the stairs to the Bridge on McDonald Avenue just west of 17th Street North. Shuttle times are 7:00 am until 6:00 pm daily.

Pedestrian traffic and the two southbound lanes are expected to resume Saturday as the demolition is expected to be complete by then.